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The requirements for completion of an MPS degree in Information Science are designed to give students exposure to a range of IS-related content and provide the flexibility for students to combine IS with their individual career goals.


I. 30 credits of courses at a 4000 level or above, for a letter grade, with a grade of C or higher.
  1. At least 15 credits in Information Science
    • 6 credits each from the Human and Social Systems Area and the Information Systems Area  (the MPS Courses page lists these by semester).
    • 3 credits of INFO 5900, the MPS Project.
  2. No more than 15 credits of electives
    • All electives must be approved by the Director, who acts as faculty advisor for all MPS students.
II. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5


Focus Areas

The following optional focus areas are available: UX Design & HCI, Data Science, Interactive Technologies, and Networks & Markets. We also welcome students to build any individual program of study that will help them meet their professional goals.

Practical Experience: The MPS Project

The MPS project is an important component of the program. For the project, students work in teams to extend and apply their Information Science skills. Their client maybe within Cornell or external to Cornell. A list of projects and clients is provided at the beginning of each semester for students to choose from. A typical project counts for three credits, which is the minimum required for graduation. Those three credits count toward the minimum of 15 Information Science credits. Some students choose to complete more than three credits, either by continuing their project for more than one semester or working on a different one.