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Travel Reimbursement for Current PhDs

To encourage academically focused travel of Ph.D. students between the Ithaca campus and the Cornell Tech campus in New York City, a program of financial support is being piloted. Cornell Tech, the Jacobs Institute at Cornell Tech, Computing and Information Science, and the College of Engineering have each agreed to allocate funds for travel. The goal is to make processes as streamlined as possible as a pilot and make enhancements if travel support continues in the future. Carefully read the information below before submitting the travel support application.

1. Basic principle: The student’s faculty supervisor provides 50 percent of the cost of the student’s travel, and the other 50 percent is covered by funding from the Dean or Director (Jacobs Institute) where the student’s tuition is credited. [Exception on supervisor funding in scenario 3a noted below.]

2. Travel must be approved in advance and submitted to the appropriate Dean’s financial office with signature or email approval of faculty supervisor included.

3. Travel scenarios and expense limits:

a. Ithaca-based Ph.D. student is interested in having a Cornell Tech faculty as their advisor (with request from interested NYC faculty; no faculty funding required) : Up to $400/trip with cap of $1,200 per semester.

b.  Ph.D. is student traveling for either a research collaboration or academic event at the other campus (with faculty supervisor approval and 50% funding): Up to $400/trip with cap of $1,200 per semester.

c. PhD student with advisor on the other campus travels to meet with advisor/group (with faculty supervisor approval and 50% funding): Up to $1,800 per semester.

d.    PhD student with advisor in NYC takes course in Ithaca (with faculty supervisor approval and 50% funding): Up to $400/trip with cap of $1,650 per semester.

4. Student must submit a travel reimbursement request with appropriate receipts (see here for procedures).

To receive reimbursement, fill out and submit this form. Ithaca-based students may submit the completed form either in-person or via email to Finance Manager Yl Guanchez at, 105E Gates Hall. For Cornell Tech-based students, please submit the completed form via email to the Cornell Tech Finance Team at