Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Learn to analyze and understand online social systems, human behavior, and decision making in interconnected systems. Apply formal models, data and policy issues drawn from economics, sociology, computer science, mathematics, ethics, and law to analyze and design networked online systems. 

Information Systems courses are in red text; Human and Social Systems courses are in blue text.

  • CS 5320 Introduction to Databases, fall
  • CS 5740 Natural Language Processing, fall and spring
  • CS 5786 Machine Learning for Data Science, spring
  • INFO 5306 Crowdsourcing and Human Computation, fall
  • INFO 6240 Sensemaking: Theory and Practical Applications, fall
  • INFO 6850 The Structure of Information Networks, spring
  • STSCI 4740 Data Mining and Machine Learning, fall
  • ECON 4020 Game Theory, spring
  • HADM 4890 Law of the Internet and E-Commerce, fall
  • INFO 4220 Networks II: Market Design†, spring
  • INFO 4250 Surveillance and Privacy, spring
  • INFO 4301 Ethics in New Media, Technology, and Communication, fall
  • INFO 4360 Communication Networks and Social Capital, spring
  • INFO 6113 Technology and Law Colloquium, fall
  • INFO 6710 Revolutions of the Mind: Media, Technology, and Epistemological Change, spring
  • ORIE 4350 Introduction to Game Theory, fall and spring

​† These courses span both areas and may count toward either Information Systems or Human and Social Systems.

Please note: "fall" and "spring" are used to label courses that are typically held in that semester, but availability may change and some courses may not be offered in a given semester. Please check Cornell's Class Roster when determining course availability.