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Nitesh Goyal

Areas of Interest

Collective Intelligence, Sensemaking, Visual Analytics


Nitesh is a PhD candidate in Information Science, minoring in Communication, at Cornell University. His advisor is Prof Sue Fussell. He works with Prof. Dan Cosley, Prof. Lee Humphreys, and Prof. Sara Kiesler (Carnegie Mellon University) .

His research focuses on understanding how technologies can support people to collaborate together and co-create knowledge from the dispersed information around them. He is working to help crime analysts make sense of data together and solve long pending crimes. His designs reduce cognitive tunneling and biases usually plagued when we encounter new information. He has also explored how games can have pedagogical effect on young children, especially their speech and pronunciation. His work has been supported by National Science Foundation Grants (PI: Susan Fussell), and MacArthur Genius Grant (PI: John Canny).

He recieved a Masters in Science in HCI and CSCW at RWTH University, Aachen, Germany, with thesis at University of California, Berkeley in 2010.


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