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Graduate Seminar Series Archive

The Graduate Seminar Series (formerly known as the Brown Bag Series and the Breakfast Series) provides a venue to share, discover and discuss current research in Information Science. This informal series gives InfoSci graduate students a forum for presenting practice papers, getting feedback on works in progress and opportunities to find research collaborators.

Information about earlier talks going back to 2010 is available here.

Info Sci PhD Samir Passi will lead the Graduate Seminar talk at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10, in Gates 114. This talk is based on the paper Passi wrote with Prof. Steve Jackson. Light refreshments will be served.

Huaishu Peng will be giving his CHI practice during this week's graduate seminar.

Gilly will be offering a special session on "Networking at a conference" and sharing some tips about how to get the most out of attending a conference.

Maggie Jack is going to give her CHI practice talk during this week's graduate seminar.

Wei Dong is going to give her CSCW practice talk during the graduate seminar.

Ishtiaque Ahmed will be giving his practice job talk during this week's graduate seminar.

Shion will be giving his practice job talk during this week's graduate seminar.

Nitesh will be giving a talk exploring the challenges and the potential design solutions for the collaboration of distributed teams.

Bin is going to give a talk about how Snapchat tells us about ephemerality in design.

Mashfiqui will be presenting his MyBehavior, which was published in Ubicomp 2015.

Dongwook will be giving his UIST practice talk. Welcome to bring your laptops and give feedback directly on the shared Google Doc.

PhD student Samir Passi will be sharing some of his ongoing research, in particular focusing on "How do algorithms come to be seen as abstract and mechanical applications of well-defined rules?", which is part of his collaborative work with Steve Jackson that was recently submitted as a CHI paper.

PhD student Huaishu Peng will be sharing his work published in CHI '15 : "A Layered Fabric 3D Printer for Soft Interactive Objects".

PhD student Samir Passi will be sharing some work in progress from his project "See Tester Play: Situating Software within Sociology of Testing".

This week, PhD student Elizabeth Murnane will be sharing work from her project "Social (Media) Jet Lag: how usage of socio-computational technology modulates and reflects circadian rhythms".

Alex will be sharing some updates from one of his ongoing projects: MindfulPlate: A Ubiquitous System Leveraging Perception bias to Encourage Healthier Eating Habits.

Gilly Leshed will be sharing some thoughts about how to get the most out of attending a conference.

Professor Paul Ginsparg will be seeding and facilitating a discussion entitled "Informal Open Access Update" - a much-requested topic among the grad students.

"On Computational Imaginary: Lay Beliefs about What Computing Systems Can Do and Should Do"

RichReview: blending ink, speech, and gesture to support collaborative document review.

Come one, come all to learn more about the academic job application process during an interactive panel!

Designing Reflection Systems to Support Psychological and Cognitive Well-Being

PhD student Xiying Wang will give a work-in-progress talk on "Motivating Energy Conservation".

Learn more about Ani, Christine, Eileen, and Saba!

PhD student Saeed Abdullah will give a UbiComp practice talk on "Circadian Computing".

Professor David Mimno and PhD student Phil Adams will present practice talks for upcoming conferences.

PhD student Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed will present his CHI talk, entitled "Protibadi: A Platform for Fighting Sexual Harassment in Urban Bangladesh"

Daniel Farenzena presents his work entitled "Boolean Satisfiability Problem + Sudoku + Protests in Social Networks: three distinct social experiments to construct an improved human behavior model for Social Computing"

PhD student Stephanie Steinhardt and Professor Gilly Leshed will present their CSCW talks.

PhD Students Xiying Wang and Bin Xu will present their talks for CSCW.

Emad Khazraee, Ph.D. Candidate in Information Studies at the College of Computing and Informatics at Drexel University gave the talk today.

For this week's Brown Bag Seminar, IS PhD student Elizabeth Murnane will present "Noticing the Nuance: Designing intelligent systems that can understand semantic, psychological, and behavioral dimensions of our digital footprints".

IS PhD student Mashfiqui Rabbi will present on "MyBehavior: Automating Personalized Health Feedback Using a Multi-Arm Bandit Model" for this week's Brown Bag Seminar.

Information Science PhD student Akshay Bhat will be the speaker this week. His talk will be "Healthcare and Medicine: New frontiers for analytics and data mining."

This week's speakers will be Maria Hakansson, a postdoc in Information Science, and Nitesh Goyal, a PhD student in Information Science, who will be delivering CHI practice talks.

Undergraduate student Vera Khovanskaya will be delivering a CHI practice talk for her paper “Everybody Knows What You’re Doing”: A Critical Design Approach to Personal Informatics.

In anticipation of CHI and other upcoming conferences, this week Gilly Leshed will offer strategies for making the most out of such opportunities.

Carnegie Mellon University PhD Student Elijah Mayfield will be a guest speaker this week to present “Analyzing Authoritative Conversational Language with Machine Learning”.

This week's breakfast series will be a CSCW update & discussion session. Please come share, learn about, and talk over news from the conference.

Susan Lewis and Matthew Aldridge will give an IRB Protocol Information Session, and additional IRB staff will be on hand to provide further assistance.

Information Science PhD student Xiying Wang will present Ethnographic Smart Energy: Understanding Office Energy Conservation from Employees' Everyday Experience.

PhD Student Stephanie Santoso will present "Intelligent Urbanism: Convivial Living in Smart Cities," along with Andreas Kuehn, a PhD candidate at Syracuse University and co-researcher.

Daren Kendall, a visiting artist and lecturer in the department of Information Science at Cornell, will present "Intersections & Ruptures: Art Across Disciplines".

Tanzeem Choudhury, Associate Professor of Information Science at Cornell University, will give a talk related to Machine learning, mobile systems, activity recognition, mHealth.