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The cohort of students invited to Info Sci's Designing for Social Impact Class, held summer 2018.

This summer, Information Science hosted its first Designing for Social Impact workshop, welcoming 20 rising undergraduate and graduate students from around the U.S. and Mexico.

Info Sci class of 2018 graduates following commencement ceremonies held on Saturday, May 26, 2018, on Cornell University's Ithaca campus.

Relive Information Science's 2018 Commencement ceremonies, held Saturday, May 26, 2018, on Cornell University's Ithaca campus, and find your favorite photos in

Attendees of the 2018 Info Sci Senior Sendoff Dinner

The Info Sci Senior Dinner is an annual favorite within our department, an opportunity to honor graduating students and recognize those who showed particular excellence inside and outside the classroom.

Cornell students, faculty members, Fair Trade USA representatives and coffee growers in Peru.

Info Sci's Gilly Leshed and two undergrads are among researchers working alongside a Peruvian coffee-farming cooperative to build a tool to ensure fairer prices for growers.

Banner with pictures of all four award recipients

Nicola Dell and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil are among 4 Cornell CIS professors who received NSF Faculty Early Career Awards.

stockphoto of hourglass

Lee's 2002 paper with coauthors Bo Pang and Shivakumar Vaithyanathan was picked by two award committees comprised of experts and the field's top 1000 authors,

Cornell and CHI logos

20 accepted papers, 2 Best Papers, and an Honorable Mention highlight an unprecedented year for Cornell scholars at CHI 2018.

Google just announced another round of its Faculty Research Awards, and five Cornell CIS faculty were awarded grants to support their work in various areas across computer science.

Zhang is one of two Cornell CIS PhDs who were named fellows for the 2018-2019 academic year.

"Designing Against Discrimination in Online Markets" centers in on 10 categories of design and policy decisions that perpetuate, exacerbate or alleviate discrimination among users of popular online platforms.

The fellowship will support the Info Sci PhD candidate's research studying the roles that regulations play in processes of technological innovation., the scientific pre-print database founded by Info Sci's Paul Ginsparg, recently surpassed 1 billion downloads.

Our department sends a big congratulations to Computing and Information Science Professor Lillian Lee, who has been named a Fellow of the Association for Computational 

Karen Levy steps in front of the camera to lend insight to a Vox video series on workplace automation.

Twenty student-designed innovations – robotic drink-makers, spiderbots, music sequencers and much more – poured, drew, and played familiar tunes during Info Sci’s annual Rapid Prototyping demo day

Info Sci’s Solon Barocas co-writes this thoughtful commentary on the current divide between data scientists and critics of artificial intelligence.

3Day Startup, or 3DS – now in its sixth year – promotes a hands-on approach to entrepreneurship, where participating students spend a weekend brain-storming, honing and ultimately delivering companies.

Info Sci alumni Julien Wormser along with friend and fellow Cornell alum Robert Edell cofounded a crowd-sourced, “secret shopper” app that was recently acquired by the AirBnB-backed table reservation platform, Resy.

Info Sci’s Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil talks with the Innovation Hub radio show and podcast about what makes an online troll.

Her discoveries outlined in a recent Science Node write-up, Karen Levy learned the electronic logging devices (ELDs) used in more than a million long-haul trucks could be used more broadly as a fleet management system.

A research team including Info Sci Professor Helen Nissenbaum recently launched an initiative to make automated systems more accountable, ensuring they respect people's privacy and make decisions fairly.

The Upshot spotlights the innovative thinking behind Cornell’s award-winning research into gender bias in pro tennis reporting.

Emerging technologies and the legal and policy challenges surrounding them are the focal points of a new lecture series beginning this fall.

For the fourth consecutive year, a Cornell Information Science researcher has received recognition from the Special Interest Group on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining.

Bolstering our distinguished field of Information Science professors and scholars, these three newest faculty members arrive to Cornell as specialists in human-computer interaction, human-robot interaction, interactive technologies, and more.

MPS Director Gilly Leshed dives deeper into the curriculum side of MPS in this special webinar for incoming MPS students.

The Change My View subreddit has served as a unique forum for civil, online discourse, and proved a fascinating lab for natural-language processing scholars.

These newly minted Doctors have been hired as assistant professors, user-experience researchers and post-doc researchers.

Info Sci's David Mimno gets NSF CAREER award to explore machine-learning methods to unlock vast digital libraries.

Joachims' proposal, Counterfactual Learning with Log Data, aims to develop methods for Deep Learning with log data.

These student-designed projects are far more than strictly in-house assignments turned in for a grade and largely forgotten.

Catch up on our biggest celebration of the year – Info Sci Commencement – with this huge gallery of photos. 

Innovation was everywhere you looked in the Gates Hall third-floor lounge.

Laughs, memories and honors during the annual senior send-off dinner.

Six technology-focused solutions covered practical, everyday problems as well as the deeply personal challenges for segments of our population.

The Info Sci professor will receive an honorary doctorate from Vrije Universiteit Brussel this month.

Info Sci faculty and PhDs are designing technology to transform the everyday smartphone into a pocket-sized tool to track and monitor our health.

Info Sci Post Doc Solace Shen talks with NBC News about ways robotics can help impart conflict-resolution skills among children.

More than 40 Cornell researchers, contributing nearly two dozen visionary papers and helping guide key discussions in the field of human-computer interaction.

Info Sci MPS student Val Mack shares the vision behind her 3D-printing start-up, Dimitri.

Couldn't make MPS Visit Day? Catch up on what you missed.

Have a look at Info Sci's research at the 26th annual World Wide Web conference in Perth.

Watch Tanzeem Choudhury's TEDMED talk, "What if tracking mental health were as easy tracking steps?"

Explaining the process of turning data into actionable evidence is complicated. That's both a problem and an opportunity, according to Info Sci PhD Samir Passi.

Matt Law was recognized in the Comp/Information Science/Engineering category.

Leshed's team plans to design an online tool to help Latin American coffee growers get fair prices for their crops.

Jon Kleinberg and fellow researchers have developed an algorithm that could better inform decisions regarding criminal defendants awaiting trial.

Cornell Tech Associate Professor Mor Naaman was one of six CIS faculty members who received Google Awards.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a dissertation grant to support Info Sci PhD Maggie Jack and her forthcoming fieldwork in Cambodia.

Thirteen papers, 2 Best Papers, 1 Honorable Mention – Here's what Cornell brought to CSCW 2017.

This CSCW Honorable Mention suggests that the longer the Airbnb profile text, the more trustworthy it is perceived to be.

Nature reports on ASAPbio’s efforts to build a central pre-print site for the life sciences, much like Paul Ginsparg’s pioneering arXiv server.

The Info Sci assistant professor speaks to why our online privacy is essential, even if we feel we have nothing to hide.

Info Sci's Phoebe Sengers recently penned this op-ed exploring populism among rural Canadians and rural Americans.

In their Best Paper, Joachims and fellow Cornellians Adith Swaminathan and Tobias Schnabel look at implicit feedback, its advantages and disadvantages.

Even you – the sensible, respectful online commenter – are capable of morphing into a troll. Read more on the Stanford-Cornell team whose work is rippling around the web.

Parsing research in psychology and technology, Costa aims to make self-monitoring tools less of a drain on a user's attention.

Xiao Ma uses multidisciplinary methods to better understand self-disclosure, trust, identity and reputation.

Sengers was one of several faculty members chosen as Cornell University's Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellows, a program that aims to increase the public impact of top underrepresented thinkers in the U.S.

With help from Kleinberg and his fellow researchers, ProPublica critiques an algorithm used in the criminal courts to forecast future criminal behavior.

In Harvard Business Review, Kleinberg and coauthors present an important and comprehensive "buyer's guide" for anyone who wishes to use data science to create social good.

Many new “sharing economy” companies, like Uber and Airbnb, use consumer-sourced ratings to evaluate their workers – but these systems can be fraught with difficulties, including bias based on race or gender.

OK, OK, here's a hint: it helps land you a job working as a software engineer, web designer or developer for leading tech companies around the U.S. and earning an annual salary of roughly $100,000.

A leading privacy non-profit recognized two of Information Science's newest faculty members for their work at the intersection of privacy and policy.

Info Sci MPS students presented their semester-end projects during a poster session/pitch held outside of G01 Gates on Monday, December 5, 2016.

Once again, students in Rapid Prototyping (INFO 4320) made their semester-end trip to Ithaca's Sciencenter to demo their projects for area families. See what Info Sci innovators created.

To be published in a forthcoming issue of CA, the group's piece challenges the prevailing view of ground truth labels.

Pollack’s research has been primarily in the area of artificial intelligence.

Last week proved a busy one for IS Assistant Professor Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, who gave two keynotes at events associated with the annual EMNLP Conference.

Chenhao Tan shares results from a paper he coauthored with his Cornell colleagues in natural language processing.

arXiv's algorithm was initially designed to help with categorization, but it evolved; it can now sniff out poor papers based on author's language use.

Two of Info Sci's newest hires Karen Levy and Solon Barocas, working with two Data & Society colleagues, picked up Best Paper at Oxford's Internet, Policy & Politics Conference.

Research from CS PhD student Manish Raghavan, CIS faculty member Jon Kleinberg, and Harvard economist (and Cornell alum) Sendhil Mullainathan informs debate.

Nicholas Knouf's "How Noise Matters to Finance" shows how noise – sonic, informatic or otherwise – affects the ways in which financial markets function.

Guy Hoffman shares his insight with the Christian Science Monitor on how robots have the capability to evoke human emotions, but actually connecting with humans is a much larger challenge.

Info Sci's François Guimbretière is among the project leads for the Cornell Race & Empathy Project, currently up in Albert R. Mann Library through October 14.

No doubt a reflection on the impact arXiv has had, several notable publications have offered thoughts on the preeminent pre-print server hitting the quarter century mark.

Info Sci PhDs and faculty were among authors of an award-winning paper at MobileHCI 2016.

Tarleton Gillespie is asked to weigh in on Facebook's widely criticized censorship of an infamous Vietnam War photo.

Once again, scholars representing Cornell Information Science – from both the Ithaca and New York Tech campuses – have a stack of accepted papers at this year's UbiComp.

Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Lee used language models to identify bias in sports reporting.

Our growing department added three more innovators, each a leader in their respective fields of study. Here's who will be joining our faculty this fall:

This week, Cornell University researchers will be in Barcelona for this year's 4S/EASST Conference, a joint conference aimed at alternative ways of exploring science and technology.

Kleinberg among authors of 2005 KDD paper that shaped our understanding of the evolution and growth of real-world networks.

The Info Sci Graduate Student Association (ISGSA) has named its student representatives for the 2016-2017 academic year.

The Robots in Groups (RIG) Lab was the featured presenter at the Ithaca Sciencenter Showtime!, giving an overview of current child-robot interaction research.

Info Sci professors Thorsten Joachims and Geri Gay were among the authors of a 2005 paper that recently received ACM SIGIR's (Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval) Test of Time Award.

In this webinar, Info Sci Student Services Representative Ani Mercincavage guides incoming MPS students on how to enroll in Fall semester classes.

A team of Information Science professors was a recent recipient of seed funding to support its research initiative on online communication.

Information Science Professor and MPS Director Gilly Leshed hosts this webinar covering MPS course requirements, the program’s project-based component, and the Digital Technology Immersion sequence.

Thanks to recent venture funding, two Info Sci faculty members will explore more sustainable methods in the hydropower and coffee industries.

Congratulations to Info Sci PhDs Samir Passi, Alex Adams and Vera Khovanskaya, who were each recently recognized for outstanding teaching and service during the 2015-2016 academic year.

With news of a major science-research publisher buying up a popular pre-print repository earlier this month, Info Sci’s Paul Ginsparg weighs in.

On May 14, spring-semester students made their annual, year-end trip to Ithaca, bringing with them a dozen various prototypes. Have a look at what our amazing students created.

Sarah Sinclair, a soon-to-be graduate of the Information Science, Systems and Technology (ISST) program through the College of Engineering, is the first student affiliated with Cornell Information Science to be named a Merrill Presidential Scholar.

Cornell Information Science held its Class of 2016 Senior Send-Off Dinner on Friday, May 13, 2016. Among students recognized:

Of course Cornell University represented at CHI 2016. Here's what our innovators brought to San Jose, Calif.

Classes team up for one fantastic, year-end demo in Gates Hall.

The professor in Cornell's Information Science and Communication departments was one of three Cornell community members recognized for excellence in teaching, advising and mentoring.

Add another award to Jon Kleinberg's long list of accomplishments.

Sue Fussell, an Info Sci and Communications professor, is recognized as a leading voice in the field of human-computer interaction.

With creativity and technical know-how, Info Sci senior Colin Budd brought the weather into the Gates Hall atrium.

This video was taken during the morning session of Info Sci's MPS Visit Day, a one-day event for accepted students to the Master of Professional Studies program.

Computer Screen with the word Troll

The BBC talks with Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil in a piece on online abuse.

Four Info Science PhD students recently received Honorable Mentions in the National Science Foundation's 2016

We at Cornell Computing and Information Science are proud to share the news that Info Sci PhD Tauhidur "Rifat" Rahman and Computer Science PhD Rad Niazadeh were two of 39 recently named 2016 Google Fellows.

See video of Lillian Lee's talk, "Linguistics, Statistics, and Artificial Intelligence in the Big Data Era."

Registration is now open for the 2016 Entrepreneurship at Cornell Celebration to be held April 14-15 on the Cornell campus.

WiML Image Banner

Talking Machines features Info Sci professor's keynote talk from WiML 2015.

Searchable Social Networks

Two key pieces of research from Info Sci Chair Jon Kleinberg helped shape what we know about finding answers from social networks.

Vlad Niculae and Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil get more press on their use of the classic game Diplomacy to explore the linguistic tells of coming betrayals.

Cornell Info Sci will be well-represented at CSCW this year. Here's a rundown of Info Sci-led research being presented in San Francisco this week.

Info Sci's David Mimno will expand his work with historical texts, creating new tools to connect scholars with million of digital titles.

Check out this write-up on an Info Sci research team leading efforts to improve Facebook accessibility among visually impaired users.

Jaskeerat Bedi's community scholarship concept – called the 3C Fund – began as an idea floated during a Cornell design-thinking workshop and, under her direction, received an OpenIDEO Intrigue Award.

The founder of the widely used pre-print repository arXiv gave the keynote talk at ASAPbio this week.

As business and technology continue to converge in the global marketplace, interdisciplinary employees are needed now more than ever. A new Cornell collaboration aims to meet that demand.

The National Science Foundation has tapped Cornell Info Sci Associate Professor Dan Cosley to serve as a program director for the federal agency’s Cyber-Human Systems arm of the Division of Information & Intelligent Systems.


Cornell’s arXiv preprint server – developed by Info Sci’s Paul Ginsparg – has experienced a flood of research papers in the last few weeks following tantalizing new evidence.

Zheng Yao

William Lewis Brown's love for Cornell and computer science lives on through a scholarship recognizing extraordinary Computing and Info Sci graduate students.

INFO 4320 - Rapid Prototyping

The final projects from Info Science students in “Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing” are as varied as they are innovative.

One of four 2015 Fellows honored, Dr. Cardie was recognized for her foundational contributions to computational linguistics.

A newly published paper from Cornell Information Science researchers explores why walking away isn't so easy.

Thinking about a successful career in tech? Join us at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Developers of a new open-source software believe allowing reader annotations of online research papers will enable “conversations over the world’s knowledge”.

Check out "I am Information Science", a short video in which Cornell Info Sci faculty and students share their thoughts on what it means to work and study in the Info Sci field.

Investigating language use may be a way to identify deceit in fraudulent scientific papers, but it is far from a precise method, new research suggests.

Info Sci Assistant Professor David Mimno was a recent guest on the Talking Machines podcast.

Where in the world are we?

Info Science PhD student Stephanie Santoso is doing some remarkable work at the White House, where, as "Maker in Chief", she explores ways in which design and technology can solve global issues.

A paper coauthored by researchers including Info Sci Chairman Jon Kleinberg was recently recognized with the Test of Time Award at one of the top data-mining conferences in the world.

When the annual conference celebrating ubiquitous computing takes place in Osaka, Japan next week, a group from Cornell’s Information Science program will be there to experience it firsthand.

The partnership of people and machines is at the heart of a recent National Science Foundation grant awarded to two Cornell Info Science professors.

Using the explosion of interest in the story of Cecil the lion as a starting point, the New York Times

Info Sci Researchers explore the linguistic signals of upcoming betrayals

Monitoring sleep quality with radar

InfoSci alums connect during June event in Boston

Fortune magazine posted a list of the top graduate degrees for getting jobs in 2015.

University Communications put together this video from our 2015 BOOM event.

We are pleased to welcome Greg Morrisett as the new Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Science. Morrisett was a Cornell CS Faculty member from 1996-2004.

We had another great year of BOOM: Bits on Our Minds showcasing some amazing student projects. 

Professor Paul Ginsparg of Information Science and Physics was interviewed by Faculti about the open access repository,

Our own Saba Alemayehu was interviewed on WHCU for the program, The Morning Newswatch

Ten years ago the first class of Information Science majors walked across the stage to accept their diplomas.

Professor Paul Ginsparg, of Information Science and Physics, is a nationally recognized researcher and proponent of open access to research articles on the web.

In November, our partners at Cornell Tech announced the creation of a new Connected Experiences Lab (ConnX) that will be funded through a partnership with AOL.

Arpita Ghosh was one of the three invited speakers at this year's New York Computer Science and Economics Day, an annual event attended by a wide

Jon Kleinberg will serve as Interim Dean of Computing and Information Science while Dean Haym Hirsh is on personal leave.

The InfoSci Department is currently inviting applications for tenure-track faculty positions at our Ithaca campus.


Information Science PhD student Tauhidur Rahman presented his work on the mobile sensor BodyBeat at MobiSys 2014 in June.

See the interview with Professor Paul Ginsparg in the Cornell Daily Sun, where he and Professor

Read more about BOOM 2014 and find out which projects won awards.

Information Science Professor Steven Jackson served as lead author on the newly released report, Knowledge Infrastructures, which was sponsored by The National Science Foundation and The Sloan Foundation.

Four new faculty members will be joining the Information Science Department at Cornell this fall, reflecting the breadth and impact of our growing field:

The newest program to launch at Cornell's Tech Campus is the Masters in Info

A team of researchers led by Information Science faculty member Tanzeem Choudhury developed an app for iOS and

Information Science Professor Tanzeem Choudhury's research on a smartphone app that senses stress from a user's voice was featured in The Economist.

Congratulations to Information Science Senior Vera Khovanskaya who received the Computing Research Association Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award!

Haym Hirsh, current chair of Rutgers University's computer science department, has been appointed the new dean of Computing and Information Science.

Our Information Science department will be well represented at CHI this year in Paris, with faculty, post docs and grad students presenting papers, talks and workshops.

Michael Kaplan, an Information Science student, built a prototype called Public Spheres that allows participants to engage in online deliberation and discussion.

Please see the information below for Pre-enrollment information for Information Science students.

Cornell will offer its first MOOC, massive open online course, Six Pretty Good Books, taught by four professors representing several social science fields, including Information Science professors Michael Macy and Jeff Hancock.

Students arrived for their first day of classes Monday, January 21, 2013, at the temporary headquarters of Cornell NYC Tech Campus donated by Google.

Below are profiles of current Information Science students across all of our programs.

Inside InfoSci is the newsletter of the department of Information Science at Cornell University.