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Jon Kleinberg and David Williamson Named ACM Fellows

Professors Jon Kleinberg and David Williamson were recognized as 2013 ACM Fellows, an honor bestowed on members for their contributions to the field of computing. The largest educational and scientific computing society in the world, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) unites members from across disciplines, including educators, researchers and computing professionals. The ACM Fellows program began in 1993 to celebrate the exceptional contributions of leading members in the field. New members are recognized as Fellows each year for their contributions to the computing field, joining a distinguished list of colleagues whose work provides guidance and leadership to others in the field.  Along with Jon Kleinberg (Information Science and Computer Science) and David Williamson (Information Science and ORIE), Computer Science's Andrew Myers  was also recognized. 

From ACM's press release:

Cornell University’s ACM Fellows were honored for contributions to the science of information and social networks; languages and systems for implementing secure computing systems; and design and analysis of approximation algorithms. 

ACM President Vinton G. Cerf celebrated the impact of innovations achieved by this year’s  ACM Fellows. “We recognize these scientists and engineers, creators and builders, theorists and practitioners who are making a difference in our lives,” he said. “They’re enabling us to listen, learn,  calculate, and communicate in ways that underscore the benefits of the digital age. Their advances have  led to opportunities for improved healthcare, enhanced security, expanded interactions, and enriched  lifestyles. Some recipients have also led efforts to extend computing across continents and countries  including Brazil, China, and Germany.” 

Please read more about this honor at the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)'s 2013 Fellows press release