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InfoSci Team Wins Heritage Open mHealth Challenge

A team of researchers led by Information Science faculty member Tanzeem Choudhury developed an app for iOS and Android called Mood Rhythm to help patients with bipolar disorder. The team submitted the project to the Heritage Open mHealth Challenge and won the $100,000 prize. Congrats to the team from everyone in the Information Science department!

Here is more information about Open mHealth and the Challenge from their press release:

Open mHealth is non-profit startup building open software architecture to break down the barriers in mobile health to integration among mHealth solutions and unlock the potential for mHealth. Through a shared set of open APIs, both open and proprietary software modules, applications and data can be ‘mixed and matched’, and more meaningful insights derived through reusable data processing and visualization modules. Enhanced integration at both module and application levels allows products to be more nimbly adapted and customized to maximize potential impact. Through an open community, we are working together to build more effective mhealth solutions, drive innovation in healthcare evaluation, and transform healthcare for all. Open mHealth is funded in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Contributors to this project include InfoSci Post Doc Steve Voida and Department of Communications Post Doc Mark Matthews, InfoSci PhDs Saeed Abdullah, Mashfiqui Rabbi and Tauhidur Rahman, InfoSci MPS students Mengxi (Chrissie) Chi, Matthew Green, Won Jun Jang and Ben Perry, MEng student Prashama Patil and undergraduate researchers Donald Hu and John Weinrich from Computer Science, advised by InfoSci Associate Professor Tanzeem Choudhury and Professor Geri Gay with clinician Ellen Frank and Professor Andrew Campbell from Dartmouth.