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Info Sci PhD Santoso is White House's 'Maker in Chief'

Info Science PhD student Stephanie Santoso is doing some remarkable work at the White House, where, as "Maker in Chief", she explores ways in which design and technology can solve global issues. Tech Republic recently profiled Santoso's career in this lengthy piece, and Fed Scoop highlighted her unique position in this article on the 13 Coolest Jobs in Government. As Santoso says, the accessibility of new technologies has spurred the Maker Movement, which, in turn, creates opportunities for education, business and community revitalization.

"That's the blue sky big idea," Santoso said. "In cities across the country, regardless of the socio-economic background of the community, to have those resources in place to create some of these more hands-on educational opportunities, but also to be able to foster small business development in a community which leads to economic growth and community revitalization."