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PhD Student Project "Protibadi" App Featured in New Scientist

Information Science PhD Ishtiaque Ahmed's work on the smartphone app "Protibadi" was featured in New Scientist in May. Ahmed's app was created to help combat sexual harassment of women in his home country Bangladesh. "Protibadi" means "one who protests" in Bengali. The app functions in several ways, allowing women to sound an alarm with the press of a button, instantly sending text messages to her emergency contacts and taking data from all users to create a heat map. The idea is that women can use the heat map to plan their paths through the city, avoiding areas where harassment is high.

You can read more about the Protibadi project in an earlier news feature on our site. Professor Steve Jackson and Ishtiaque Ahmed also presented a paper about this project at the recent CHI Conference in Toronto in April 2014. 

The image above was taken by Patrick Brown/Panos.