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Student Spotlights

Below are profiles of current Information Science students across all of our programs. If you are interested in reading about some Alumni experiences, please go to the Alumni News page. 

"I can say without a doubt that this program and this major played an integral role in preparing me with the skills I need to pursue a position I’m absolutely thrilled about."

“All the skills from these programs will prove fruitful in getting these jobs I’m interested in,” he said. “Whether it’s product design, consulting or front-end development, I have the skill set to do it. Now, it’s a matter of where do I want to focus.”

For Terry Vallery, the MPS program provides the opportunity to solidify his HCI work through hands-on projects.

Having completed her first semester in the MPS program, Anagha talks with us about hackathons, the adrenaline rush of creating sound code, and what she's learned at Cornell thus far.

Kaitlyn Son ('19) shares more about her initiative that uses 3D printing to create prosthetics.

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, Cornell Information Science hosts some of the best and brightest students from various fields of study. Mei Lean Kwan is a good example of that.

Master of Professional Studies (MPS) student Giri Kuncoro came to Cornell Information Science after working in the tech industry for three years.

Tiffany Wong, an Information Science senior, has been awarded Cornell Info Sci’s first ever Grace Hopper Scholarship and will be attending the annual computing conference named in Hopper’s honor ne


Graduating with a bachelor's degree in Information Science in May 2016, Colin said Info Sci's interdisciplinary education enabled him to pursue classes in economics, law, visual studies, business and more.

Violeta "Vio" Voykinska is an Information Science MPS student.

Each year the faculty of Information Science choose PhD students to receive the department's Outstanding Service Award and Outstanding Teaching Award.

Phil Adams is a PhD student in Information Science, who has received several awards during his time here, including the Information Science Outstanding Service Award for 2015.

Congratulations to our graduating Seniors! We hosted our first annual Senior Send-Off Dinner Friday night, May 8, at the Clark Hall Atrium.

This year, we are spotlighting some of our graduating Seniors in time for graduation.

This year, we are spotlighting some of our graduating Seniors in time for graduation. Shrey Gupta is an Information Science major (ISST) from the College of Engineering.

From Shrey:

This year, we are spotlighting some of our graduating Seniors in time for graduation.

Information Science PhD student Stephanie Santoso is a senior advisor with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, whe

Congratulations to our MPS student Tushar, whose team HealthRank won second place in the

Why did you choose Cornell?

"I wanted to continue approaching technology from an interdisplinary, holistic point of view."

Leo Kang is a third-year PhD student whose recent work includes the Scale exhibit, featured at the World Maker Faire 2013.

Information Science PhD Stephanie Santoso is interning with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OS

Siddharth Bajaj is an MPS student in Information Science whose interests are in mobile health technology and usability.

Victoria Schwanda Sosik is a PhD candidate in Information Science whose research focus is

Mengxi Chi is an MPS student in Information Science whose interests are in Human-Computer Interaction Design and Web Development.

Taylor Udell is an InfoSci undergrad. Her concentrations are Human-Centered Systems and Information Systems and she does research with the Behavioral Analysis of Beginning Years lab.

Mash Rabbi is a PhD candidate in the Information Science department at Cornell. His research focuses on technologies for mobile health and well-being.

Matthew Green is an InfoSci MPS student from Kingston, Jamaica who completed a degree in hotel administration at Cornell before starting his graduate work.

Carolyn Chu

Carolyn Chu is an Information Science undergraduate alumni who completed the ISST program in the spring of 2012.

Scott Cambo is a nontraditional undergrad Information Science major who is working with a research team on dynamic analysis of coauthorship networks in scientific publications.

Jaeyeon Kihm is a PhD candidate in Information Science at Cornell. He is working on research in human computer interaction (HCI).