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Susan Fussell


Areas of Interest

Computer-mediated communication, computer-supported cooperative work, social computing, human-robot and human-agent communication


Susan Fussell is a Professor in the Department of Information Science and the Department of Communication at Cornell University. She is also the Director of Graduate Studies for the field of Communication. Her research focuses on interpersonal communication in face-to-face and computer-mediated contexts. Her goals are to enhance our theoretical understanding of the mechanisms involved in conversational discourse and to apply this theory to the design and evaluation of new communications technologies. Fussell's current research areas include intercultural computer-mediated communication, multi-lingual communication, tools to promote energy saving behavior, human-robot interaction, and collaborative intelligence analysis. With students and collaborators, she examines these issues within a variety of domains, using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods.


Please see Susan Fussell's personal site for a complete list of publications. Below is a list of more recent works.

  • Lim, H., Arawjo, I., Xie, Y., Khojasteh, N., & Fussell, S. R. (2017). Distraction or life saver? The role of technology in undergraduate students' boundary management strategies. Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI).
  • Lim, H., & Fussell, S. R. (2017). Making sense of foreign language posts in social media. Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI)
  • Gao, G., Hwang, S.-Y., Fussell, S. R., & Jung, M. (2017). Beyond information content: The effects of culture on affective grounding in instant messaging conversations. Proceedings of the ACM: Human Computer Interaction (PACM HCI)
  • Goyal, N., & Fussell, S. R. (2017). Intelligent interruption management using electro dermal activity based physiological sensor on collaborative sensemaking. Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT), 1, 3, Article 52. Download preprint
  • Yuan, C. W., & Fussell, S. R. (2017). A tale of two sites: Dual social network site use and its influence on social network development. Computers in Human Behavior, 74, 83-91. DOI: 
  • Nguyen, D. T. & Fussell, S. R. (2015). Effects of conversational involvement cues on understanding and emotions in Instant Messaging conversations.  Journal of Language and Social Psychology.
  • Nguyen, D. T. & Fussell, S. R. (2015) Retrospective analysis of cognitive and affective responses in intercultural and intracultural conversations. Discourse Processes, 52, 3, 226-253. DOI: 10.1080/0163853X.2014.949121.