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Jaeyeon Kihm, InfoSci PhD

Affiliation: PhD in Information Science at Cornell
Hometown: S.Korea

Why did you choose Cornell?
Cornell has many leading departments in diverse academic areas from engineering to human, sociology, law, economics and law. Since an important characteristics of HCI is interdisciplinary study, the opportunities of collaboration of these many leading departments made me think Cornell is the perfect place to study HCI.

What did you want to know about Cornell before you came here?
I’ve never been in other departments than Computer Science before Cornell, I would like to know how people in InfoSci at Cornell works and collaborate each other. I would rather be curious how it will be possible to work together from many different fields. Also, I tried to know what kind of researches are going on in here at Cornell. I wanted to know what studies are similar with my interests, and what professor or research lab I should contact to know more in detail.

Where and what did you do for your Undergrad?

I did my Undergrad at Illinois Tech and I was involved many Information Retrieval researches. I worked for the location based news search engine with Dr. Wei Gen Yee, and the college sports news search engine with Dr. Dan Roth. More detail description can be found on my personal website.

Why are doing a PhD and why InfoSci?
While I’ve worked Information Retrieval and Information Visualization, I studied more about how information from computer could be understood and recognized by human. Finally I realize the information between computer and human are more interactive rather than one-way direction, and would like to know how human and computer interact each other. As human are exposed more and more to machine in everyday life, I think the communication and interaction between them will be critical and that’s why I made a decision to study PhD in InfoSci.

What research projects are you working on?

I’m working on low power user interface system for mobile platform. Since 1991, Mark Weiser proposes a concept of ubiquitous computing, many technologies have been developed and mobile devices are being adapted successfully in more and more civil societies. However, there is one thing still not achieve, which is battery life. We would like to stretch battery life by approaching in user interface level. I’m working with Francois Guimbretiere and the goal of our research project is build a low power user interface system.

What other activities are you involved in around campus or around Ithaca?
Other than my study time, I spend most of my time at gym. I tried to work out regularly, and also playing tennis and golf. Athletics environment at Cornell is a best and this makes me keep healthy in both physically and mentally.

What are your plans after graduation?
I would like to contribute what I learn for people. I’m interested in sustainable society for the next generation, so I hope what I will work would be for low and green energy technology and equality in economic and academic opportunities for many developing counties.

What would you recommend about this program to potential PhD students?
InfoSci program at Cornell is the great place to study and research your interest with many great professors and collaborators in many departments. What I want to recommend for that is to contact professors and current students doing works similar with their interests to make sure here is the place they want and expect.