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Siddharth Bajaj (MPS '14)

A 2014 graduate of the Master of Professional Studies program in Information Science, Siddharth Bajaj now works with Doran Jones as a consulting software engineer. He tells us more about his career, the MPS courses that helped him most and shares a piece of advice with future MPS students.

Where do you currently work?

I currently work with Doran Jones as a consulting software engineer, primarily focusing on Automation and Continuous Integration. 

What are some of your job responsibilities?

My job is to provide guidance to our clients about maximizing the efficiency of their software development and delivery processes. One of my main responsibilities is to help improve the reliability of mission critical systems and websites before they are launched. I also provide advice about information security and have been involved with successfully hacking a few well-tested systems in-house. I'm closely involved in research and development about how new tools and technologies can be integrated into the systems I'm working on and find new ways that technology can deliver business value to our clients.

What fascinates you most about your current job?

It is a lot of fun to work with such a large set of the latest technologies, while working with a number of highly reputed clients from across several industries. I'm always adding to my skill set I'm enjoying the process of continuous learning. Tasks are not always straight forward and we often find ourselves in uncharted waters, but that's what makes it a lot of fun! 

What were some of the MPS courses that helped you most in your career?

The courses exposed me to many new perspectives on technology. Human Computer Interaction and Designing Technology for Social Impact were thought provoking and jam-packed with insights on thoughtful design in technology. Systems focused courses like The architecture of large scale information systems, information retrieval and natural language processing were a lot of fun, with several hands-on group projects throughout the term. 

What advice would give to a student who is thinking about enrolling in the MPS program?

The faculty and staff are amazing, the city is beautiful, and the course is well structured & focused. Students preparing for a professional career in information science should very seriously consider the MPS program. The environment and resources made available to students are some of the best in the world!