Job Description

Terry is a Course Coordinator and Administrative Assistant for the Department of Information Science in the Cornell Bowers College of Computing and Information Science. His areas of responsibility include assisting the Graduate Program Coordinator, Barbara Woske, with the MPS and PhD programs, maintaining the listservs, and course coordination for the department.

Work Schedule Spring 2022 semester
                Monday              9 am– 4:15 pm  EST                   512 Rhodes Hall
                Tuesday              9 am– 4:15 pm  EST                   512 Rhodes Hall
                Wednesday        9 am– 4:15 pm  EST                   Remote
                Thursday            8:30 am– 5:15 pm  EST              Remote
                Friday                  9 am– 4:15 pm  EST                   512 Rhodes Hall

May be requested by email at I am also available to meet, chat or send a message on Microsoft Teams

Interested in the IS Minor? Schedule an appointment with me.


Terry is originally from the area and enjoys watching sci-fi movies and is a fan of the New York Mets.