David Robinson is currently a Visiting Scientist in the AI Policy and Practice Initiative, in Cornell's College of Computing and Information Science. His research centers on the design and management of algorithmic decisionmaking, particularly in the public sector. He believes that effective governance of these sociotechnical systems will require collaboration and mutual adaptation by the legal and technical communities, leading to changes in both institutional and algorithmic design, as well as the generation and use of new types of data. Through his work, he aims to contribute to that effort.

He is a managing director and cofounder of Upturn, a Washington DC-based public interest organization that promotes equity and justice in the design, governance and use of digital technology. Upturn's research and advocacy combines technical fluency and creative policy thinking to confront patterns of inequity, especially those rooted in race and poverty. 

David previously served as the inaugural associate director of Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy, a joint venture between the university’s School of Engineering and its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

David holds a JD from Yale Law School, and bachelor’s degrees in philosophy from Princeton and Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar.