SeoYoon Sung is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Department of Information Science. Broadly, she examines the increasingly complex dynamics of human practice and learning with respect to organizations and technology. 

Her current research investigates how group work shapes, and is shaped by, technologies used at work and organizational structures and principles. Her dissertation fieldwork at a large tech organization focused on how workers in a fast-changing, post-bureaucratic site of innovation organize themselves into distinct areas of expertise to improve their interdependent work. She also examines workers’ knowledge interactions in the increasingly platform- and digital- dependent work. 

SeoYoon is involved in various collaborative research projects related to learning and technology, and training and development. A recent project explored how medical professionals’ day-to-day interactions with AI technologies modify their practices. Another ongoing research focuses on applying blockchain technologies in the education and employment ecosystems in the Asia Pacific. She investigates 1) how an appropriate infrastructure and principles are built for learners to own, manage, and curate their digital credentials, and 2) how such a process may be organized by alternative organizational systems like DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). 

At Cornell, SeoYoon explores ways to prepare students for the new kinds of work and workplace environments. To do so, she currently helps improve undergraduate learning experiences and settings, being part of the Future of Learning Lab and the college-wide Active Learning Initiative (ALI). She develops systematic approaches to evaluate undergraduate learning and support faculty in pedagogical innovations. 

SeoYoon completed her Ph.D. at Rutgers University iSchool where she also taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels, both online and in-person. She received her Masters’ degree in Organization & Leadership at Columbia University. Her professional experiences involve working at the United Nations, NYC Department of Education, and NBCUniversal, Inc.