A collection of project screencasts created by INFO/CS4302 students in FT2012.

Group 1: Cornell Crime Report Map

Group 2: Better Airplane Flights

Group 3: Usable Interface for CPI Data

Group 4: Food Search Engine for Cornellians

Group 5: Live Local Music Discovery System (Voted Best Student Project)

Group 6: Textbook Selling Network

Group 7: Flight Recommender System

Group 8: Safe Parking Web Service

Group 9: Food Recommender System

Group 11: Dodge-The-Cops

Group 12: Art History Visualization

Group 13: An Interactive and Customizable Financial Data Web Application


Group 14: Where can I eat now?

Group 15: Wine Connoisseur

Group 16: University Admission System

Group 17: NYCritical: A Critical Design Approach to Open Urban Data

Group 18: NFL Recommender System

Group 19: CareerMotivated Learning

Group 20: Smart Healthcare

Group 21:Apartment Search

Group 22: NYC Planner

Group 23: Restaurant Recommender System