Newly minted CS PhD alum Chenhao Tan was interviewed in the most recent episode of the You Are Not So Smart podcast. This episode – called "Change My View" – examines the popular reddit thread that serves, believe it or not, as a productive online arena for discourse. 

Chenhao shares results from a paper he coauthored with his Cornell colleagues in natural language processing – CS PhD student Vlad Niculae and IS professors Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil and Lillian Lee. The team studied the Change My View reddit to determine how language use helps or hinders the ability to change someone's mind. 

The team found that 20 percent of Change My View authors did, in fact, change their mind on a particular viewpoint. In the time the paper was first published, Chenhao said, that number has grown to 35 percent.

This election season has also brought additional media mentions of the team's work, including from the Washington Post and Business Insider.

Chenhao's segment begins at the 19:05 mark.