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Ginsparg on Open Access and Plagiarism

Professor Paul Ginsparg, of Information Science and Physics, is a nationally recognized researcher and proponent of open access to research articles on the web. As a founder of arXiv, Ginsparg has also been a key figure in helping researchers have free and open access to research papers. Professor Ginsparg was honored at the White House last year as a Champion of Change, for his work on arXiv and open access. The arXiv preprint server hit a milestone of one million articles last month, as reported by the journal Nature, doubling its holdings in the last six years. Professor Ginsparg also did an interview with the Scientist on arXiv and the million article landmark. 

He spoke to a group of Information Science graduate students on the topic this month. Open access has been a hot topic in the news recently, with the White House committing itself to increased public access to Federally funded research papers and the journal Nature announcing that it will allow wider public access to articles. Ginsparg addressed these changes and others in his talk. 

Professor Ginsparg also had a paper titled, "Patterns of text reuse in a scientific corpus," accepted for publication in PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which looks at "reuse" of text in academic papers, studying papers submitted to arXiv from 1991 - 2012 and looking at examples of acceptable text reuse in academic papers. 

Professor Ginsparg received a Simons research fellowship for 2015 and will be on sabbatical during the spring semester, visiting other institutions and focusing on research.