Current Info Sci PhD students are among the leading up-and-coming scholars in the cross-disciplinary field of information science, helping shape our understanding of technological systems and their use. Head over to our PhD page to meet our students and see what they're working on.

Upon graduation, Information Science's PhDs immediately become top candidates for competitive positions in academia, industry, and elsewhere. In spring 2017, Info Sci bid farewell to its largest PhD cohort, as nine students completed their doctoral studies and landed positions in academia and industry:

• Saeed Abdullah, Assistant Professor, Information Sciences and Technology, Penn State University

• Ishtiaque Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of Toronto

• Nitesh Goyal, UX Researcher, Google NYC and visiting researcher, Crowd Innovation Lab, Harvard Business School

• Elizabeth Murnane, Postdoctoral Scholar in Computer Science, Stanford University.

• Rifat Rahman, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, UMass-Amherst

• Emily Sun, UX Researcher, Airbnb

• Kaiton Williams, Post-doctoral Researcher, Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute, Portugal

• Bin Xu, UX Researcher, Facebook

• Dongwook Yoon, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, University of British Columbia