Operating since 2002, the Cornell PhD in Information Science has accumulated an impressive record of achievement to date, with students winning prestigious external fellowships, publishing widely in leading conferences and journals in the field, and going on to leading positions in academia and industry in the U.S. and around the world.

Areas in which we are looking for students include (but are not limited to) HCI/interface design, applied machine learning, social media, CSCW, digital humanities, algorithmic mechanism design, ubiquitous computing and mobile computing, social and information networks, critical and interpretive analysis of information systems, behavioral science approaches to information systems, organizational and institutional analysis, big data applications and analysis, markets, technology policy, and information science approaches to societal challenges.

Cornell Information Science is characterized by engagement with many of Cornell’s outstanding programs in computing, engineering, humanities, and the social sciences, a vibrant and challenging interdisciplinary culture, and a deep commitment to learning and collaboration across the academic fields and perspectives that make up information science today. Information Science is proudly committed to being a home to a diverse community of faculty, students, and staff. Read more about our belief that multiple perspectives enhance creativity

Our department continues to grow each year, on both Cornell's Ithaca and New York City campuses:

  • In 2018, Cheng Zhang joined Info Sci's Ithaca-based faculty, further bolstering our already distinguished core of scholars in the interface design and ubiquitous computing research area. We also welcome Rene Kizilcec, who was hired in 2017, but joins us in Fall 2018. His research areas lie in social psychology, HCI, and learning analytics. Have a look here for a comprehensive list of our faculty.
  • Our PhD program on the Cornell Tech campus in New York City prides itself on fusing technology with business and creative thinking. In 2017, Tech's esteemed faculty in information science added Wendy Ju, whose interests include human-robot interaction and automated vehicle interfaces. In 2018, Tech welcomed Daniel Lee and Volodymyr Kuleshov. Lee's research focuses on understanding computational principles to build autonomous robotic systems, while Kuleshov studies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computational genomics. For information on the PhD experience at the Tech Campus, see here.

Serious candidates may contact the Director of Graduate Studies, David Mimno, and/or relevant faculty members with questions about research interests. For information about deadlines and application requirements, please see our How to Apply page.