Online Ph.D. application is available through the Graduate School starting August 30. The Information Science Ph.D. application deadline is December 1, 2019 for the Fall 2020 admission. There are no Spring admissions. No preadmission application is required. Please direct all inquiries to: Graduate Program Coordinator Barbara Woske at

Online Application

Online Ph.D. applications are available through the Graduate School. No preadmission application is required. Important Note: Please do not send hard copy materials. This increases processing time. To complete the Graduate School application, you will need three recommendation letters. Official GRE scores are recommended but not required. In addition, international applicants will need an official TOEFL or IELTS scores. All materials must be received by the field's deadline of December 1, 2018 in order to be considered for admission. If you believe your application can’t be considered without a particular document, please submit it electronically through the online application system. Start your application by creating an account.

Statement of Purpose

A successful statement of purpose will address the following topics:

  • Questions and Issues you're interested in exploring as a PhD student and why they matter to you;
  • How your research interests relate to the work of Faculty at Cornell;
  • Your ultimate goal in pursuing a PhD. 

Faculty Research Interests

For a list of faculty in the field of Information Science and their concentrations, please see our Faculty section of the website. Please feel free to contact specific Faculty to discuss in more detail their research interests. 

Please direct other inquiries to: Graduate Program Coordinator Barbara Woske at

Campus Locations: Ithaca and Cornell Tech

The Ph.D. program spans two campuses. Each student’s location is determined by the faculty that they are working most closely with. There is no requirement for students working with Cornell Tech faculty to complete a residency period in Ithaca, or vice-versa. Applicants may indicate a campus preference, and all applicants will be evalauted by the Field as a whole regardless of their intended location.