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Computing and Information Science Degrees Among Best Choice for Jobs

Fortune magazine posted a list of the top graduate degrees for getting jobs in 2015. Degrees in Computer Science, Information Science and Statistics were all among the top 15, with 8 of the top 15 degrees ones that are offered in our three departments.

According to an article in Fortune magazine this week, earning a Masters in Information Science is the #15 Best Graduate Degree for jobs in 2015. Fortune notes that those graduating with a Masters in Information Science can look forward to a median salary of $101,800, in a field with 19% projected job growth by 2022. Students focusing on a Masters in HCI  (#4 on the list) are looking at a starting median salary of $115,200 and job growth rate of 17% by 2022.

Good news for our graduates. 

If you're interested in graduate work in Information Science, please check out our programs:



You can also read more about career options for those with a graduate degree in Information Science here. See the Post Graduate reports to find out where our graduates have gone on to work and what their starting salaries were.