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AOL Gift Endows Lab at Cornell Tech

In November, our partners at Cornell Tech announced the creation of a new Connected Experiences Lab (ConnX) that will be funded through a partnership with AOL. The lab will benefit researchers at Cornell Tech and the Jacobs Technion Institution in Israel. Information Science field member, Shiri Azenkot will be one of the supervising faculty members in the lab. The Cornell Chronicle covered the story here

Here's an excerpt:

The gift will allow researchers at Cornell Tech and the Technion to study human-computer interaction, computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing and social computing across multiple disciplines. Researchers will use these tools to apply new insights in such areas as communication, food, wellness, education, safety, information and entertainment.

The partnership with AOL will give Cornell Tech and Technion researchers access to resources, engineering and product knowledge not readily available in academic settings, said Dan Huttenlocher, dean of Cornell Tech. "We see this not just as a one-way gift, but a beginning of a collaboration that will set new standards in how industry and academia work together to make the world better and advance the New York tech scene," Huttenlocher said.

The gift will also fund fellowships at Cornell Tech and Technion, with the goal of attracting as many female researchers as male. 

"Diversity should be top of mind for every tech organization, academic or otherwise,” said Mor Naaman, associate professor at the Jacobs Institute and co-founder of ConnX. “We are designing new technologies that would be used by a population that is 50 percent female. It is only appropriate that the research team reflects that ratio.”