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InfoSci PhD Stephanie Santoso Interns at White House OSTP

Information Science PhD Stephanie Santoso is interning with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) this spring. Stephanie's research on emerging technologies led her to work with the OSTP, helping the White House examine how Maker culture and the innovative technologies coming out of the Maker movement might stimulate the economy. The following is an excerpt from the College of Engineering interview with Stephanie and her advisor Information Science Field Faculty, Stephen Wicker, from Electrical and Computer Engineering.

"My research focuses on emerging technologies. I am particularly interested in better understanding how technologies can impact notions of ownership and creativity as they move from the periphery towards mainstream adoption," said Stephanie. "For the past year-and-a-half, I have worked on a project using interviews and surveys to explore the intellectual property issues associated with 3D printing, including the patents concerning the technology and the questions of copyrights associated with the digital object design files created by users."

It is necessary to examine the IP issues of this technology when considering what kinds of regulations might be placed on it moving forward and how this could impact not only the growing commercial industry of 3D printing, but the peer production and open-source movement that has contributed to the development of technology thus far.

"Stephanie's work is an excellent example of the broader reach of electrical and computer engineering," said ECE Professor Stephen Wicker. "Whether computer-controlled 3D printers or smartphones, engineered objects create issues and opportunities in a broad range of fields while having major downstream social and legal effects.  Cornell's graduate field system gives ECE faculty the chance to participate in these opportunities."

"My work at the OSTP places 3D printing in broader social, economic, and education contexts,” said Stephanie. “It will enable me to explore how the technology is being leveraged to accomplish certain national goals around innovation, economic sustainability, and competitive advantage."

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy provides the President and his senior staff with accurate, relevant, and timely scientific and technical advice on all matters of consequence; ensures that the policies of the Executive branch are informed by sound science; and ensures that the scientific and technical work of the Executive Branch is properly coordinated so as to provide the greatest benefit to society.

We're proud to have Stephanie joining the efforts of the White House OSTP team and look forward to hearing more about her experiences there.

For more about Stephanie's experience with the OSTP, see the College of Engineering news piece here