Phoebe Sengers is a professor in Information Science and Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University. Her primary research fields are Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Science & Technology Studies (STS). Her work integrates ethnographic and historical analysis of the social implications of technology with design methods to suggest alternative future possibilities. At Cornell, she leads the Culturally Embedded Computing research group. Her group explores rural, working-class and global South experiences of technologies, traces the emerging entanglements between people and data, and uses design to speculate about alternative pasts and futures.

In addition to her primary appointments, she is a member of the Graduate Field of Computer Science, associate faculty with the Department of Art, and a member of the Cornell Initiative for Digital Agriculture. She led the Cornell campus of the Intel Science & Technology Center for Social Computing, has been a Fulbright Fellow, a Fellow in the Cornell Society for the Humanities, and a Public Voices Fellow, and received an NSF CAREER award. She holds an interdisciplinary PhD in Artificial Intelligence and Cultural Theory from Carnegie Mellon University.