Its last two iterations held virtually due to the pandemic, CHI – the premier annual conference for human computer interaction scholars – is back in a big way, returning with a hybrid in-person and virtual format beginning April 30 in New Orleans.

And once again, Cornell University will be there: 16 papers – including two Best Papers and two Honorable Mentions – highlight Big Red’s contributions to CHI (pronounced kai). 

Preview below some of the leading research our esteemed faculty and students will tote down to the Big Easy.


Tanzeem Choudhury, the Roger and Joelle Burnell Chair in Integrated Health and Technology at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech in Information Sciences, has been named a 2022 inductee of the SIGCHI Academy.


Care Infrastructures for Digital Security in Intimate Partner Violence // Authors: Emily Tseng (Cornell Tech), Mehrnaz Sabet (Cornell University), Rosanna Bellini, Harkiran Kaur Sodhi, Thomas Ristenpart, and Nicola Dell (all of Cornell Tech)  

Interrupting Merit, Subverting Legibility: Navigating Caste In ‘Casteless’ Worlds of Computing // Authors: Palashi Vaghela, Steven Jackson, and Phoebe Sengers (all of Cornell University)

CoAuthor: Designing a Human-AI Collaborative Writing Dataset for Exploring Language Model Capabilities // Authors: Mina Lee, Percy Liang (both of Stanford) and Qian Yang (Cornell University)

Feeling Proud, Feeling Embarrassed: Experiences of Low-income Women with Crowd Work // Authors: Rama Adithya Varanasi (Cornell University), Divya Siddarth (Microsoft), Vivek Seshadri (Microsoft Research India), Kalika Bali (Microsoft Research Lab India), and Aditya Vashistha (Cornell University)

Accost, Accede, or Amplify: Attitudes towards COVID-19 Misinformation on WhatsApp in India // Authors: Rama Adithya Varanasi (Cornell University), Joyojeet Pal (University of Michigan), and Aditya Vashistha (Cornell University)

The Electronicists: Building Techno-aesthetic Practice for Supporting Nonlinear Practitioners in HCI // Authors: Laewoo Kang, Steven Jackson, and Trevor Pinch (all of Cornell University)

"It Matches My Worldview": Examining Perceptions and Attitudes Around Fake Videos // Authors: Farhana Shahid (Cornell University), Srujana Kamath (Independent Researcher), Annie Sidotam (N. Godrej Foundation for Education), Vivian Jiang, Alexa Batino, and Aditya Vashistha (all of Cornell University)

KnitSkin: Machine-Knitted Scaled Skin for Locomotion // Authors: Jin Hee Kim, Shreyas Dilip Patil, Sarina Matson, Melissa Conroy, and Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao (all of Cornell University)

Patch-O: Shape Changing Woven Patches for On Body Actuation // Authors: Pin-Sung Ku, Kunpeng Huang, and Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao (all of Cornell University)

Seamless Visions, Seamful Realities: Anticipating Rural Infrastructural Fragility in Early Design of Digital Agriculture // Authors: Gloire Rubambiza, Phoebe Sengers, and Hakim Weatherspoon (all of Cornell University)

“A Second Voice”: Investigating Opportunities and Challenges for Interactive Voice Assistants to Support Home Health Aides // Authors: Vince Bartle (Cornell Tech), Janice Lyu, Freesoul El Shabazz-Thompson, Yunmin Oh (all of Carnegie Mellon University), Angela Anqi Chen (Cornell Tech), Yu-Jan Chang, Kenneth Holstein (both of Carnegie Mellon University), and Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech)

‘ShishuShurokkha’: A Transformative Justice Approach for Combating Child Sexual Abuse in Bangladesh // Authors: Sharifa Sultana (Cornell University), Sadia Tasnuva Pritha, Rahnumba Tasnim (both of CUET), Anik Das (St. Francis Xavier University), Rokeya Akter (Khulna University), Shaid Hasan, S.M. Raihanul Alum (both of BUET), Muhammad Ashad Kabir (Charles Sturt University), and Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto)

"So Close, yet so Far": Exploring Sexual-Minority Women's Relationship Building via Online Dating in China // Authors: Yichao Cui (Cornell Tech), Naomi Yamashita (Kyoto University), Mingjie Liu (University of Texas at Austin), and Yi-Chieh Lee (National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University)

Trauma-Informed Computing: Towards Safer Technology Experiences for All // Authors: Janet Chen (Cornell University), Allison McDonald (University of Michigan), Yixin Zou (University of Michigan), Emily Tseng (Cornell Tech), Kevin A. Roundy (NortonLifeLock Research Group), Acar Tamersoy (NortonLifeLock), Florian Schaub (University of Michigan), Thomas Ristenpart (Cornell Tech), and Nicola Dell (Cornell Tech)

Unmaking as Agonism: Using Participatory Design with Youth to Surface Difference in an Intergenerational Urban Context // Authors: Samar Sabie (Cornell Tech), Steven Jackson (Cornell University), Wendy Ju (Cornell Tech), and Tapan Parikh (Cornell Tech)

XR-OOM: MiXed Reality driving simulation with real cars for research and design // Authors: David Goedicke, Alexandra W.D. Bremers, Sam Lee, Fanjun Bu (all of Cornell Tech), Hiroshi Yasuda (Toyota Research Institute), and Wendy Ju (Cornell Tech)