Please join us for the Information Science Colloquium with guest, Jofish Kaye from Yahoo! 

Talk : “Counting & Coordinating: How people track their personal finances”

Abstract: Despite an increasingly wide array of topics discussed in the context of humans and technology use there has been surprisingly little scholarship in the HCI and CSCW communities around topics of money and personal finances - an omission that is particularly glaring given their ubiquity and impact in everyday life. In this talk, I present a qualitative study of a diverse set of Bay Area residents without significant investment expertise, ranging in ages from 25 to 69, including millionaires, unemployed people, self-employed people, and people with and without children. I describe the best practices we developed for exploring the sensitive topic of money in interviews.  I conclude by discussing directions for better tools to help people understand and manage their money and financial decisions.

Bio: Jofish Kaye is a Senior Research Scientist in the Human Computer Interaction Research Group at Yahoo! Labs. His research explores the social, cultural, and technological effects of technology on people, and how people's decisions and behaviors can change those technologies. These studies have recently included studies of families’ values and technology choices, visualizations of Twitter and publications, and the use of NFC-enabled phones to help track clean water supplies in Haiti. His previous work has included ethnographic, cultural, critical and technological studies of grassroots creative leisure practices such as hacking and tinkering, academics' archiving practices, couples in long distance relationships, the role of women in computing, and, notoriously, computerized smell output and smart homes and kitchens. He has a Ph.D in Information Science from Cornell, a Masters degree in Media Arts & Sciences and a B.S. in Cognitive Science, both from MIT, and is occasionally a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford.