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The majority of Information Science (IS) courses (course prefix “INFO”) are restricted to IS undergraduate majors and/or IS professional and graduate students. 

Students who do not meet these criteria will be able to add themselves to course waitlists when the add/drop period opens just before the semester starts. Add/drop dates for the forthcoming semester are available on the Guide to Enrollment webpage.

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INFO waitlist FAQs:

Q. I am pursuing the Information Science minor. Why can’t I pre-enroll?

A. Due to high demand for our courses, we must prioritize majors. Please add yourself to the course waitlist when the add/drop period opens. Our minor is extremely flexible and there are many ways to fulfill the requirements if you are unable to enroll in the course you are targeting. Learn more

Q.  When do waitlists open?

A. Waitlists open on the first day of the add/drop period.

Q. Will all INFO courses have waitlists in Student Center?

A. No. A few courses require special applications or instructor permission. In those cases, more information will be posted on the course listing within the “Course Roster".

Q. How will I be able to tell if a course has a waitlist?

A. Once add/drop begins, any course with an online Student Center waitlist will have a "waitlist if class is full" checkbox on the "Select a Class to Add - Enrollment Preferences" page. 

Q. How do I add myself to a course waitlist?

A. During add/drop, select the “waitlist if class is full” checkbox on the "Select a Class to Add - Enrollment Preferences" page in Student Center before you complete your enrollment. This will ensure you are added to the waitlist when you “check out” with your “shopping cart” of courses.

If the course does not have a Student Center waitlist, please review the notes within the course’s listing within the online Course Roster to see if there is a different waitlist process available. 

Q. In what order will students be admitted to a class from the waitlist?

A.  Your waitlist number does not reflect your actual place on the waitlist. Instead, priority is given to Information Science students, typically in descending order by class year and term (e.g., IS/ISST majors who are second-semester seniors would be given first priority, followed by first-semester seniors, then second-semester juniors, etc.). If all majors are cleared from the waitlist, non-majors are moved into the course in the same priority order as majors (space permitting). 

Please note that being a major does not guarantee you a seat in a course. Your best course of action is to enroll in your classes as soon as your pe-enrollment period opens.

 Q. How will I know if I have been moved from the waitlist to the course?

A. You will receive an email with a permission number (PIN) to enroll. Permission codes are distributed on a rolling basis by the Bowers CIS course team beginning on the Thursday after add/drop begins. See “How to Use a Permission Number” for instructions.



Cornell University Guide to Enrollment

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IS & ISST Major Checklists (affiliated students only; requires NetID log in)



Undergraduate Academic Advising

Information Science majors and pre-majors are welcome to make an academic advising appointment with one of our professional staff advisors to discuss their course plans. 

Advising assignments, office hour information, and appointment booking can be accessed by logging in to Cornell Chatter and navigating to the Bowers CIS Student Services tab.

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Last Updated: January 12th, 2024