Spring 2022 courses

Due to high demand for some of our Information Science courses, like INFO 1260, INFO 1300, INFO 2300, INFO 3350 and INFO 4400, we restrict enrollment to students affiliated with Information Science and to students who are unaffiliated or undeclared. To handle these large enrollments, students will have the oppurtunity to add themselves to the waitlist during Regular Enrollment Period. We will then choose a certain number of students from the waitlist using the following criteria (criteria varies by course):

1. IS/ISST majors
2. Need 1300 to affiliate to IS
3. IS Minors
4. Seniors in other fields
5. All other (will prioritize senior to freshmen).

Some courses not included in the above information may still offer a waitlist, however the waitlist will be ran by the instructor. Criteria and availability for any courses not listed above will vary. Please contact the instructor for more information.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Terry Horgan at tmh233@cornell.edu

Who should get on the waitlist?

Students who fall into one or more of the categories listed below should add themselves to the waitlist. Please note that these categories are listed in no particular order, and they do not necessarily dictate a student’s priority in the waitlist queue.

  • Information Science majors
  • Students who have applied to the IS major but have not yet affiliated
  • Students minoring in Information Science
  • Students from other majors that need IS classes to fulfill majors

IMPORTANT: Permission numbers are sent to students on the waitlists every Tuesday and Thursday during add/drop. Students should get on the waitlist as soon as the add/drop period begins - even if the class is not yet full, and IS students should only need to add themselves to the waitlist if a class becomes full. (See instructions below.)

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

  1. Students may add themselves to the waitlist via Student Center during the add/drop period. Waitlisting will NOT ALWAYS be an option during pre-enrollment. 
  2. If waitlisting is an option, you will see a "Wait list if class is full" checkbox on the "Select classes to add - Enrollment Preferences" page in Student Center. (NOTE: This is the same process as IS waitlisting in fall 2018.)
  3. If you are a non-IS student, or if you suspect that the class is or will be full, be sure to check the "Wait list if class is full" checkbox BEFORE proceeding any further in the enrollment process. There will be no other opportunity to add yourself to the waitlist once you pass this screen, and you will then have to start over from the beginning in order to do so.
  4. Once all of the classes you are requesting have been added to your shopping cart, click “Finish Enrolling” to complete your enrollment request.

*It is important to note that adding yourself to the waitlist does not guarantee that you will be admitted to the class.

Enrollment in most of the courses below is limited to students in Information Science. If a course is not full and has no one on the waitlist, it will be opened for general enrollment to the entire Cornell community. Please continue to check this page as the semester approaches for more information. 

Last Updated: December 23, 2021