This concentration will provide students with an in depth understanding of the design process leading to the creation of successful, enjoyable technology-based user experience. The focus is on a hands-on learning experience traditional in design, while keeping in mind the impact of one's design on society at large.

The core courses related to this concentration are INFO 1300: Introductory Design and Programming for the Web and INFO 2450: Communication and Technology.

Some faculty members whose research is related to this concentration include: Shiri AzenkotSharlane CleareFrancois GuimbretiereKyle HarmsMalte JungGilly Leshed, Jeff RzeszotarskiAditya VashisthaQian Yang, and Cheng Zhang.

Career Paths

  • Academic careers related to human-computer interaction; focusing on the creation of new artifact.
  • Related job titles: interaction designer, user experience designer, user experience architect, usability analyst, user research associate. 

UX Design Courses

Please reference the Cornell Class Roster for details on the courses below.

A. Core Principles of Design (choose one)

  • INFO 3450: Human-Computer Interaction Design
  • INFO 4400: Qualitative User Research and Design Methods
  • INFO 4410: Re-Designing Robots

B. Design in Context (choose one) 

  • INFO 2921: Inventing an Information Society
  • INFO 4240: Designing Technology for Social Impact
  • INFO 4420: Human Computer Interaction Studio
  • INFO 4505 (Previously offered as INFO 4940): Computing and Global Development
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Human-AI Interaction Design Research
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Intelligent User Interfaces
  • INFO 4940 Special Topics - Good Tech, Bad Tech
  • INFO 4940: Special Topics - Technology and Underserved Communities
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Technology and Social Change Practicum
  • ​INFO 4940: Special Topics - Design Thinking, Media, and Community

C. Knowing the User (choose one) 

  • INFO 3460: Crowds, Communities, and Technology
  • INFO 4430: Teams and Technology
  • INFO 4450: Computer-Mediated Communication
  • INFO 4490 (Previously offered as INFO 3400): Social Behavior and Technology
  • INFO 4940 Special Topics - Project Management
  • COMM 4380: Communication in Virtual Worlds
  • PSYCH 3420: Human Perception: Application to Computer Graphics, Art, and Visual Display

D. Knowing the Technology (choose one) 

  • INFO 3152: Introduction to Computer Game Design
  • INFO 4130: Health and Computation
  • INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Design
  • INFO 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design
  • INFO 4275: Novel Interaction Techniques
  • INFO 4310: Interactive Information Visualization
  • INFO 4320: Introduction to Rapid Prototyping and Physical Computing
  • INFO 4340 App Design and Prototyping
  • CS 5150: Software Engineering