Due to concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, Info Sci's PhD Visit Day was changed to a virtual event held on Monday, March 9, 2020, in Gates Hall on Cornell University's Ithaca campus. See below for a video of the virtual visit day.


(:00 through 41:42) Program Overview by Director of Graduate Studies, David Mimno. Powerpoint slides

(41:42 through 55:08) Lab Tour: Interactive Design/UbiComp/Rapid Prototyping with Cheng Zhang, François Guimbretière, and students 

(55:10 through 1:21:20) Lab Tour: Critical/Interpretive Approaches and Ethics/Law/Policy with Phoebe Sengers, Karen Levy, Solon Barocas, and students 

(1:21:31 through 1:33:20) Lab Tour: Behavioral HCI and Human-Robot Interaction with Malte Jung and students 

(1:33:33 through 1:34:09) Gates Hall 2nd floor kitchen tour! 

(1:34:12 through 2:01:50) Tour: First-year space and Gates Hall with Marianne Aubin Le Quere, first-year doctoral student 

includes a conversation and Q&A with first-year doctoral students Marianne Aubin Le Quere, Jing Nathan Yan, and Kimberly Williamson (1:37:40 through 1:56:04)

(2:01:54 through 2:27:40) Lab Tour: Computational Social Science, HCI (Education and ICTD) and Data Science with doctoral students Natalie Tong, Ian Anders Arawjo, Neta Tamir, and Swati Mishra 

(2:27:45 through 2:58:01) Lab Tour: Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing with David Mimno, Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, and students 

(2:58:02 through 3:36:15) Q&A session with Steve Jackson, Chair of Information Science