Graduate Minor

Doctoral studies at Cornell are structured around fields of study and special committees. Students can complete a minor in any field of study by including a member of that field on their special committee. Information Science integrates methods and ways of knowing from many fields at Cornell, but any student in any field can pursue an IS minor.

There are no blanket requirements for completing a Ph.D. minor in Information Science. Each individual student must work with their IS committee member to determine their coursework and research agenda for the minor. If your Ph.D. work has connections to Information Science, we encourage you to peruse our core courses and faculty directory for more information.

Campus-to-Campus Travel Reimbursement Information

To encourage academically focused travel of Ph.D. students between the Ithaca campus and the Cornell Tech campus in New York City, a program of financial support was established with funding from the Deans at Cornell Tech, Computing and Information Science, and the College of Engineering.

The basic principle is where the student’s faculty supervisor provides 50 percent of the cost of the student’s travel and the other 50 percent is covered by funding from the Dean or Director (Jacob’s Institute) where the student’s tuition is credited.

The structure of the Information Science PhD programs is different from many of the other fields represented at Cornell, which creates different needs for interaction and travel between the two campuses. In particular, Information Science does not require students to spend their first year in Ithaca, and Information Science Ph.D. students are immediately assigned a first-year advisor different from the DGS.

To address the difference, the Department of Information Science has supplemental funds to further increase the options available to Information Science students to be reimbursed for travel between the two campuses.


  1. Carefully read the information on the Complete Travel Support Communication
  2. Travel must be approved in advance and submitted to the appropriate Dean’s financial office with signature or email approval of faculty supervisor included with the PhD Travel Support Application.
  3. Students must submit a travel reimbursement request form with appropriate receipts to receive reimbursement.
    • Ithaca based students may submit the completed form either in person or via email to Finance Manager YL Guanchez at, 105E Gates Hall
    • Cornell Tech based students may submit the completed form via email to the Cornell Tech Finance Team at

Graduate School Forms

Various PDF forms concerning all things graduate school can be found on Cornell's graduate forms page. 

Cornell University Policies

See Cornell's graduate school page to review university and graduate school policies, including the Code of Legislation, where students will find the timeline for their milestones.