Information Science is home to tech leaders, designers, makers, and thinkers who are forerunners in their fields. Simply put, our faculty and students are creating the tools that continue to shape our increasingly connected world. 

To learn more about our faculty, lecturers and visiting faculty, please visit our Faculty page. Our faculty includes department members and field faculty from other units who play an active role in advising and serving on doctoral committees.

Faculty and students maintain a strong research focus within Info Sci, which makes our various research groups and labs robust, vibrant and collaborative. Learn more about our research areas

Post doctoral researchers and visiting scientists work alongside faculty or within specific labs to further discoveries in areas like social networks, mobile health, robot-assisted teamwork, and artificial intelligence. Meet our research staff.

Information Science is home to an extraordinary, dynamic, and diverse cohort of PhD students, whose research interests span the field, from natural language processing and 3D fabrication to ubiquitous computing and robotics. Meet our PhD students.

Meet our vital department staff who keep everything running smoothly.