The Information Science Breakfast Series is a seminar-style meeting held one morning a week. The Series provides a venue to share, discover, and discuss research happening in Information Science. It is intended to be a less formal environment; and practice talks, works in progress, and elicitations for feedback on early-stage ideas are all welcome forms of presentation. 

Information Science PhD student Akshay Bhat will be the speaker this week. 

Title: Healthcare and Medicine: New frontiers for analytics and data mining

Abstract: Containing the rising healthcare costs is the biggest problem faced by this generation. Advances in medicine and demographic changes have lead to a graying population that needs to cared for. Solving this problem requires innovation in both medicine and  the healthcare system. In this talk I will describe three projects which deal with solving this problem at multiple levels. From building predictive models for avoiding unnecessary medical imaging and reducing readmissions to developing large scale analytics  systems. With growing availability of data, Medicine and Healthcare are poised to see similar rise in opportunities like Social network in the post Twitter/Facebook world.