January 30, 2013 - 10–11am – 301 College Avenue Seminar Room, Department of Information Science, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

'The event, if there is an event, is never an official one, but a trespassing, a reactivation of the space into a secret that the factory is not supposed to reveal: that its greasy tired shell is doing something else. Industrial detritus inflames an errant cargo cult, oblique to the scheduled daytime world of rationality and work. What happened and what are we doing now? What’s it for? What we have is a temporal squat as a seizure of time.
The orderly question is “What have you been doing?” To which the preferred improper answer is, “Nothing.”
-Bernard Yenelouis, Prologue excerpt from Songs for the Ghost in the Machine, 2012

Daren Kendall will present an overview of the research and work that inform his hybrid art practice, which uses art, technology, and theory. Daren's current work is site specific: a room in an historic house, a pedestrian courtyard, a concrete hallway, or a raw workspace shape each work with their pre-existent forms. Kendall responds to the conditions which outline behavior, material aspects such as walls, ceiling, floor, entrance, egress, context, acoustics, and light; from these disparate elements Kendall creates forms and spatial scripts to amplify the systems in place and to reactivate the site. Materials such as concrete, steel, and safety glass used in the construction become conceptual tools, narrative props and musical instruments.

Daren Kendall teaches Sculpture and Printmaking in the Department of Art and is also co-teaching Technology, Art, & Theory in Department of Information Science, at Cornell University