In anticipation of CHI and other upcoming conferences, this week Gilly Leshed will offer strategies for making the most out of such opportunities.

Title: Maximize your conference experience - even if you are an introvert!

Abstract: Attending an academic conference can be intimidating: there are many people who seem to be comfortable and know each other well, they navigate through the crowd, have vivid conversations, ask smart questions in the talks, and just seem to belong to this group. You, on the other hand, know very few people and might feel insecure, shy, and nervous to start conversations with strangers. You don't know what talks are worth attending and how to navigate in this mass of brainy academics. But attending an academic conference is a skill that can be learned. Learning and practicing your conference skills will improve your conference experience and may help you make meaningful connections with other scholars. This session is intended for early graduate students who want to learn and improve their conference skills and for seasoned scholars who can provide insights and guidance from their own experience.