The Information Science Breakfast Series is a seminar-style meeting held one morning a week. The Series provides a venue to share, discover, and discuss research happening in Information Science. It is intended to be a less formal environment; and practice talks, works in progress, and elicitations for feedback on early-stage ideas are all welcome forms of presentation. 

Information Science PhD student Xiyang Wang will be the speaker this week. 

Title: Ethnographic Smart Energy: Understanding Office Energy Conservation from Employees' Everyday Experience

Abstract: While significant attentions have been paid to energy efficiency in households and organizations, relatively little work addresses the collaborative aspects of energy conservation scratching from user experience. Our smart energy project examines energy consumption in office buildings from employees’ everyday experience. In this project, energy is considered as a networked and collaborative system that connects and influences multiple users in a shared office space. At the same time, users' habits, experience, and interactions in the workspace shape the use of energy. We aim to uncover employees’ behavioral impacts on shaping a collaborative smart energy system design in shared workspaces, and to investigate how such influences can motivate people to save energy in return. At the end, we suggest a set of design features for a collaborative smart energy system to motivate energy conservation behaviors in office buildings.