Xiying Wang

TweetDrops: A Visualization To Foster Awareness and Collective Learning of Sustainability

Whether or not you are paying attention to sustainability, you may become interested in it by reading about it online, or learning sustainable knowledge from others. We designed a system called TweetDrops, which is designed to draw people’s attention to the issue of sustainability and to help them to learn sustainability-related knowledge by using an aesthetic visualization of qualitative data about sustainability attitudes and practices drawn from Twitter.

Bin Xu

SoBot: Facilitating Conversation Using Social Media Data and a Social Agent

With the rising popularity of online social media, people generate a lot of data in social media applications like Facebook and Twitter. We present a communication facilitating system called SoBot, which demonstrates to obtain and utilize this data and works as a facilitating introduction system to help users conduct conversations with other users in offline social activities. We explain our research questions and some design choices around SoBot, with discussions on next step developments.