Please join us for the Information Science Colloquium with guest, Malte Jung, postdoctoral scholar at the Center for Work, Technology, and Organization at Stanford University. His research focuses on the intersections of teamwork, technology, and affect: especially the role of affect in teams that design technology and how technology can utilize affective mechanisms to improve team performance. Malte holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Design and a Ph.D. Minor in Psychology from Stanford University where he was a member of Larry Leifer’s Center for Design Research. He also holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich. His work is published at CHI and CSCW.

Title: Designing for Teams

Abstract:  To what degree does the performance of a teams engaged in designing technical systems depend on emotional functioning versus on task specific capabilities? Do teams show characteristic emotional interaction dynamics at the very beginning of a project, and do those dynamics foreshadow a team’s performance hours, weeks, or even months in advance? In this talk I present empirical data from several studies that show how theory and methods that were originally developed to understand the role of emotions in marital interactions can help us to not only further our understanding of teamwork but also to guide the design of new technology to improve teamwork. 

A reception will be held immediately after.