Title: Sensing Tablet Grasp + Micro-mobility for Active Reading

Abstract: The orientation and repositioning of physical artefacts (such as paper documents) to afford shared viewing of content, or to steer the attention of others to specific details, is known as micro-mobility. But the role of grasp in micro-mobility has rarely been considered, much less sensed by devices. 

We therefore employ capacitive grip sensing and inertial motion to explore the design space of combined grasp + micro-mobility by considering three classes of technique in the context of active reading. Single user, single device techniques support grip-influenced behaviors such as bookmarking a page with a finger, but combine this with physical embodiment to allow flipping back to a previous location. Multiple user, single device techniques, such as passing a tablet to another user or working side-by-side on a single device, add fresh nuances of expression to co-located collaboration. And single user, multiple device techniques afford facile cross-referencing of content across devices. Founded on observations of grasp and micro-mobility, these techniques open up new possibilities for both individual and collaborative interaction with electronic documents.