Designing Reflection Systems to Support Psychological and Cognitive Well-Being

Victoria Schwanda Sosik and Bobby Beaton

While most health technologies target aspects of physical health, recently HCI researchers have been paying increasing attention to issues in psychological and cognitive domains. In this talk we'll present work (at various stages of development) around two such issues: 1) encouraging completion of positive interventions for happiness and 2) supporting understanding around allocation of individuals' attention resources. Around both cases we'll discuss common themes for designing reflection systems, including:

What makes data good for reflection in these domains?
What does it mean to be successful in this space and how can we measure success?
How are we changing these experiences by injecting technologies and what does this mean for design?

After presenting our work, we hope for feedback/discussion around these and other common themes for designing reflection systems in the psychological and cognitive space.

There will be lemonade and snacks from Manndible.