Our Masters in Professional Studies (MPS) in Information Science graduates have gone on to jobs across the United States and around the world. More and more companies are looking to hire employees with the skillset that an MPS can provide. Cornell Information Science MPS alumni can be found at large corporations and start-ups, at organizations that are leaders in technology development and consulting. Below, hear from some of our graduates about their careers and their Cornell experiences, and meet some of our current students, too.

Each year our students complete an exit survey to give us an idea of where they're headed, how much they'll be making and what types of work they'll be doing. We compile this information into our post graduate survey reports. Please see our latest post graduate survey.


Lola Legrand (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)
Lola Legrand (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)

Lola Legrand (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)

From Rapid Prototyping to the Tech/Law Colloquium, diverse course offerings have allowed Lola room to explore her interests further, and she’s excelled. "I can say without a doubt that this program and this major played an integral role in preparing me with the skills I need to pursue a position I’m absolutely thrilled about."



Eric Porter (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)
Eric Porter (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)

Eric Porter (Info Sci '17, MPS '18)

Eric’s interdisciplinary Information Science education afforded him room to explore the many aspects of technology. “All the skills from these programs will prove fruitful in getting these jobs I’m interested in,” he said. “Whether it’s product design, consulting or front-end development, I have the skill set to do it. Now, it’s a matter of where do I want to focus.”



Terry Vallery (MPS '18)
Terry Vallery (MPS, '18)

Terry Vallery (STS '17, MPS '18)

"I saw the InfoSci MPS program as the natural, professional step in solidifying my undergrad studies in HCI as well as gaining hands-on training in implementing real-world design solutions. The opportunities for project work help me to explore rapidly growing facets of HCI design and allow me to share my personal interests with clients and classmates."



Anagha Todalbagi (MPS '17)
Anagha Todalbagi (MPS, '17)

Anagha Todalbagi (MPS '17)

"Cornell has been helping me realize my full potential. It has a very supportive community with a great ecosystem that has encouraged me to grow intellectually and build more rounded skills. I’m grateful for having brilliant professors and research scientists, who are ninjas in their chosen fields, as my mentors and for the opportunity to interact with outstanding peers."