MPS Post-graduate Success 2015-2019


  • 85 percent of MPS graduates were employed within six months of graduation
  • Their average starting salary was $93,000

Salary Ranges for Cornell Info Sci Graduates

  • Master of Professional Studies in Information Science : $31,200 to $156,000, with a median of $90,000
  • Bachelor's degree in Information science: $37,000 to $145,000, with a median of $80,000

Top Jobs Among Our Graduates

  1. Software Engineer
  2. User-experience Designer
  3. Software Developer
  4. Analyst
  5. Product Manager
  6. Consultant
  7. Product Design
  8. UX Researcher
  9. Data Scientist
  10. Front-end Developer
  11. Web Designer

Top Spots Where Our Graduates Landed After Cornell

  1. The Bay area (29 percent)
  2. New York City (25 percent)
  3. Boston (8 percent)
  4. China (6 percent)
  5. (tie) Seattle, Washington DC (5 percent)
  6. Ithaca, NY (4 percent)
  7. LA (3 percent)

How Graduates Found Their Jobs

  1. Networking 
  2. Job posting
  3. Social media
  4. Previous internship

About this infographic: Salary and employment information comes courtesy of Cornell University's Career Services post-graduate survey database. In these surveys, graduating students self-report details on their employment status in the months before and after graduation. The total number of MPS graduates from the classes of 2015 through 2019 totaled 308, however response rates from graduates vary by area of inquiry. For instance, salary information yielded an 81 percent response rate, or 251 graduates, but in other areas – like job location and means by which graduates landed jobs – the response rate was 64 percent, or 198 graduates. For career-related questions and information, get in touch with our department's professional development advsior, Kate Reiter, at