Using his expertise to shape public debates about global policy issues and advocate for a more just and equitable future, Aditya Vashistha, assistant professor of information science, has been named one of 27 Global Public Voices fellows from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies.


Vashistha Aditya
Vashistha Aditya

With a focus on inequalities and social justice, this year’s 27 fellows will engage with national and international news media to make their voices heard on international criminal justice, the politics of climate change, digital inequality, refugees’ rights and more. Vashistha's research focuses on creating social computing technologies that empower underserved communities worldwide to facilitate socio-economic development.

Global Public Voices works closely with Cornell's Media Relations Office. Fellows attend monthly collaborative discussions with peers, where they receive practical media and outreach training, including support in building an international public profile and sessions on writing effective op-eds, funding proposals and policy briefs.

This story was adapted from "Einaudi Center Announces New Global Public Voices Fellows," which originally appeared at the Cornell Chronicle.