Angelique Taylor, Assistant Professor at Cornell Tech and the Information Science Department at Cornell University, has earned the Google Inclusion Research Award for her work in robotics and healthcare. The award recognizes her recent proposed research, “Towards Robots for Inclusive Clinical Teamwork: Empowering Nurses to Promote Patient Safety.”

The Google Inclusion Research Award acknowledges individuals who research computing and technology and are dedicated to addressing the needs of marginalized groups and creating a more inclusive and equitable tech ecosystem. This award will allow Taylor to further her research and continue to work on providing safer healthcare practices.

“We must continue to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research, technology, and patient care to create a healthcare system that serves everyone. I am excited to continue this research with the support of Google and receive the Google Award for Inclusion Research,” says Taylor.

In an ever-changing healthcare landscape, Taylor’s research has pushed her students and healthcare professionals to explore original and unexpected solutions. Receiving the Google Inclusion Research Award recognizes her outstanding contributions and advocates her vision of making healthcare more efficient and patient-centered.