What does a master’s degree in Information Science get you? If Info Sci’s recently released post-graduate survey is any indication, it helps get you a job working as a software engineer, web designer or developer for leading tech companies around the U.S. and abroad, earning an annual salary of roughly $100,000.

These are some of the findings outlined in this year’s annual report, a survey of recent graduates of Cornell Information Science’s Master of Professional Studies program, or MPS for short. The intent of this Cornell-led survey is to offer prospective and current students, faculty, and administrators a quick look into the career trajectory of MPS graduates. Here’s what we learned:

• Of the 40 most recent MPS graduates, 29 responded to the survey. Of those 29 respondents, 24 graduates (83 percent) said they are currently employed.

• Of those 24 employed graduates, their average full-time salary is $97,604. Graduates reported being paid between the range of $61,240 and $130,000 and receiving an average signing bonus of $13,091.

• At a glance, software developers and engineers appear to be the most common jobs among graduates. Among the other positions reported are UX designer, web designer, and product manager. Employers include Amazon, Cornell University, Facebook, Johnson & Johnson, Snapchat, Verizon and Yahoo, to name a few. 

• New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle are some of the cities where our graduates now call home.

• How did our graduates secure their jobs? Referrals and networking, primarily: 39 percent of respondents said they landed their jobs thanks to their professional networks. 

If you’re interested in a career in information technology – including areas like data science, UX design, interactive technologies, and networks, crowds and markets – you’ve arrived at the right place. Cornell Information Science’s one-year, interdisciplinary MPS program prides itself on equipping students with career-ready skills.