Check out this write-up on an Info Sci research team leading efforts to improve Facebook accessibility among visually impaired users. 

Via the Cornell Chronicle: “There needs to be a discussion to find a sweet spot between people who want new ways of interacting online and the need to make content accessible to everyone,” said Gilly Leshed, senior lecturer in information science. “How do you create a Web in which any user is aware of making it accessible?”

The research team includes Leshed and co-authors Shiri Azenkot, assistant professor of information science at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech; Violeta Voykinska, MPS ’15, now working at Blizzard Entertainment; and Shaomei Wu, Ph.D. ’11, now working at Facebook. They will present findings from their surveys and interviews of 60 blind people at this year's CSCW conference. 

Here's a copy of the team's paper.