This week, Cornell University researchers will be in Barcelona for this year's 4S/EASST Conference, a joint conference between two scholarly groups – Society for Social Studies of Science and the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. The conference aims to examine alternative ways of exploring science and technology, and, more generally, is themed around sociology, anthropology and the history of technology. Here's what our Cornell researchers are up to at 4S/EASST:

Track Convenors

Islands on the Cutting Edge: Test Sites for Reimagining Future Technoscience

Convenors include Kaiton Williams, Phoebe Sengers and Hrönn Holmer (all of Cornell)

STS and Artistic Research

Convenors include Trevor Pinch (Cornell) 


Cultural Practice and Lay Knowledge: Communicating GMOs in International Contexts 

Presenter: John Lunsford (Cornell)

New Heights: Shoes as Technology of the Self

Presenter: Chris Hesselbein (Cornell)

Black Hat, White Hat: Ethicizing Participation in Search Engine Optimization

Presenter: Malte Ziewitz (Cornell)

Drones, Borders, Audits: The US-Mexico Border and the Internet of Things

Presenter: Lauren Kilgour (Cornell)

Travelling Numbers: Tracing the Transformations of Aadhaar

Presenter: Ranjit Singh (Cornell)

Regenerating Nuclear Energy: Neophyte Dreams & Workplace Peopling

Presenter: Vincent Ialenti (Cornell)

Data Pedagogy: Learning to Make Sense of Algorithmic Numbers

Presenter: Samir Passi (Cornell)

Repair as Transition: Temporalities of Breakdown, Maintenance and Recuperation

Presenter: Steven Jackson (Cornell)

Infrastructures of Modernization

Presenter: Phoebe Sengers (Cornell)

An Island is a World

Presenter: Kaiton Williams (Cornell)

Data Science as a Service: Emergent Cultures of Modeling and the Production of Insight

Presenter: Shivrang Setlur (Cornell)


Before/after/beyond Breakdown: Exploring Regimes of Maintenance

Discussants include Steven Jackson of Cornell

Counting By Other Means

Discussants include Phoebe Sengers of Cornell