Earlier this month, innovators from Cornell University descended on San Jose, Calif., for CHI 2016, considered the top conference in the field of human-computer interaction. Researchers representing Cornell's Ithaca and New York City (Cornell Tech) campuses presented 15 papers, participated in several panels, workshops and special interest groups, and even showcased their art:


Breaking Down While Building Up: Design and Decline in Emerging Infrastructures - Honorable Mention

Authors: Stephanie B. Steinhardt (Cornell University)

Changes in Engagement Before and After Posting to Facebook – Honorable Mention

Authors: Nir Grinberg (Cornell Tech), P. Alex Down and Lada A. Adamic (both of Facebook), and Mor Naaman (Cornell Tech)

Peer-to-peer in the workplace: A view from the road Honorable Mention

Authors: Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Cornell University), Nicola Bidwell (University of Namibia), Himanshu Zade (Microsoft Research India), Srihari Muralidhar (Indian Institute of Technology Madras), Anupama Dhareshwar (P.E.S. Institute of Technology), Baneen Karachiwala (independent consultant), Cedrick Tandong (Three Wheels United), and Jacki O'Neill (Microsoft Research India)

Anonymity, Intimacy and Self-Disclosure in Social Media

Authors: Xiao Ma (Cornell Tech), Jeff Hancock (Stanford) and Mor Naaman (Cornell Tech)

Logistics as Care and Control: An Investigation into the UNICEF Supply Division

Authors: Maggie Jack and Steve Jackson (both of Cornell University)

On-the-Fly Print: Incremental Printing While Modeling

Authors: Huaishu Peng, Rundong Wu, Steve Marschner, and François V. Guimbretière (all of Cornell University)


Personality-targeted Gamification: A Survey Study on Personality Traits and Motivational Affordances

Authors: Yuan Jia (Indiana University), Bin Xu (Cornell University), Yamini Karanam (Indiana University), Stephen Voida (University of Colorado Boulder)

RAMPARTS: Supporting Sensemaking with Spatially-Aware Mobile Interactions

Authors: Joint first authors Pawel Wozniak (Chalmers University of Technology) & Nitesh Goyal (Cornell University), Przemyslaw Kucharski (Lodz University of Technology), Lars Lischke and Sven Mayer (both of VIS, University of Stuttgart), and Morten Fjeld (Chalmers University of Technology)


Simplified Audio Production in Asynchronous Voice-Based Discussions

Authors: Venkatesh Sivaraman (Bexley High School), Dongwook Yoon (Cornell University), and Piotr Mitros (Cambridge)

Social Situational Language Learning through an Online 3D Game

Authors: Gabriel Culbertson, Shiyu Wang, Malte Jung and Erik Andersen (all of Cornell University)

Supporting Opportunities for Context-Aware Social Matching: An Experience Sampling Study

Authors: Julia M. Mayer and Starr Roxanne Hiltz (both of New Jersey Institute of Technology), Louise Barkhuus (Cornell Tech), Kaisa Väänänen (Tampere University of Technology), Quentin (Gad) Jones (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Taking a HIT: Designing around Rejection, Mistrust, Risk, and Workers' Experiences in Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Authors: Brian McInnis, C. Nam, Dan Cosley, and Gilly Leshed (all of Cornell University)

Tickers and Talker: An Accessible Labeling Toolkit for 3D Printed Models

Authors: Lei Shi (Cornell Tech), Idan Zelzer (Shenkar College of Engineering and Design) and Catherine Feng (University of Washington) and Shiri Azenkot (Cornell Tech)

Values in Repair

Authors: Lara Houston, Steven J. Jackson, (both of Cornell University), Daniela K. Rosner (University of Washington), Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Cornell University), Meg Young (University of Washington), and Laewoo Kang (Cornell University)


Cornell Information Science and Communication Professor Sue Fussell has been elected to CHI Academy, an honorary group comprised of principal leaders in the field of human-computer interaction.


Career Development Workshop for Recent PHDs

Susan Fussell (Cornell University) and Luigina Ciolfi (Sheffield Hallam University) lead this one-day workshop to assist PhDs in developing their careers in HCI. 

Computing and Mental Health Workshop

Shruti Sannon and Natalya N. Bazarova (both of Cornell University) present their paper "From Theory to Design: Technological Interventions for Coping with Stress and Anxiety" during this workshop.

HCI Across Borders Workshop

Workshop organizers include Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed and Nicola Dell (Cornell University). Ahmed, Dell and Shion Guha (also of Cornell) will present the position paper  "Privacy and Security Issues in ICTD: Research and Practice" during this workshop. 

Late-Breaking Work

Shorter Wait Times: The Effects of Various Loading Screens on Perceived Performance

Authors: Jess Hohenstein, Hani Khan, Kramer Canfield, Sam Tung, and Rocio Perez Cano (all of Cornell University)

You Can't Always Get What You Want: Challenges in P2P Resource Sharing

Authors: Ross McLachlan, Claire Opila, Neha Shah, Emily Sun, and Mor Naaman (all of Cornell Tech) 


Breaking AndyWall: Transgressive and Playful Exploration on the Dynamic Role of Users in Art and Design

Art exhibition and paper by Laewoo Kang (Cornell University)



Panel: AMA: Chairs

Participants: Susan Fussell (Cornell University), Jofish Kaye (Yahoo), Allison Druin (University of Maryland), Cliff Lampe (University of Michigan), Gloria Mark (University of California), and Regan Mandryk (University of Saskatchewan)

Panel: Boundary Troubles: Here, There, Design, Make, Research

Participants: Jeffrey Bardzell and Shaowen Bardzell (both of Indiana University), Lilly Irani (University of California), Silvia Lindtner (University of Michigan), Kaiton Williams (Cornell University), and John Zimmerman (Carnegie Mellon University)

Panel: The Future of Robotic Telepresence: Visions, Opportunities and Challenges

Participants: Susan Fussell (Cornell University), Susan Herring (Indiana University), Annica Kristoffersson (rebro University), Bilge Mutlu (University of Wisconsin), Carman Neustaedter (Simon Fraser University), and Katherine Tsui (Yale)

Special Interest Group (SIG): Become a Volunteer at ACM SIGCHI

A special interest group meeting with Susan Fussell (Cornell University), Loren Terveen (University of Minnesota), Helena Mentis (University of Maryland), and Regina Bernhaupt (ruwido)

SIG: Refugees and HCI

Coorganized by Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (Cornell University), Volker Wulf (University of Siegen), and Reem Talhouk, Clara Crivellaro, Vasilis Vlachokyriakos, and Patrick Olivier (all of Newcastle University)

SIG: Transparent Statistics in HCI

Coorganized by Shion Guha (Cornell University), Matt Kay (University of Washington), Steve Haroz (Northwestern) and Pierre Dragicevic (INRIA).

Diversity and Inclusion Lunch

Nitesh Goyal (Cornell University) is one of six speakers.